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Look out  Rodgers! This Year of the Quarterback is Turning out to be an Elite Few and a very needy rest of the NFL. 10 NFL teams are in need of Starting Quality Quartebacks in the 2011 NFL


The 2012 NFL draft:

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford  
It's also possible that both Irsay and Polian may deem Manning "damaged goods." They'll surely keep Luck if they don't feel confident in Manning's ability to recover from neck surgery.

 2. Miami Dolphins: Matt Barkley, QB, USC 
New regimes mean new quarterbacks, so assuming Tony Sparano is fired sometime soon, the Dolphins will be looking for a new franchise signal-caller.

 3. Arizona Cardinals: Matt Kalil, OT, USC 
The Cardinals paid a ton of money to Kevin Kolb, so they need to make sure to protect their $65 million investment.

 4. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State 
I'm going out on a limb here, but I think Sam Bradford would be a fan of this pick.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Landry "Lance" Jones, QB, Oklahoma 
Charlie Whitehurst flopped in his first start, putting forth a pathetic display at Cleveland. Tarvaris Jackson relieved him against the Bengals, but he stinks as well.

6. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor 
It's time to put Robert Griffin in the top 10. He's been so good this year, and he may go higher than most big boards indicate based on the success Cam Newton has enjoyed thus far.

Why will these QB's go so quickly?

Teams are a combined 26-54 with San Francisco having a 6-1 record behind Alex Smith.

From , QB's with 75% of the teams snaps sorted by Comp %.

 Player  Team  Record  Att/Snap %  Passing Yds  Rushing Yds  QB Generated Offense
 Aaron Rodgers  Green Bay  7-0  51.39  2372  699  793.81
 Drew Brees  New Orleans  5-3  58.13  2754  939  607.25
 Ryan Fitzpatrick  Buffalo  5-2  51.46  1739  984  417.25
 Tom Brady  New England  5-2  53.64  2361  787  672.41
 Eli Manning  NY Giants  5-2  50.41  2127  599  752.82
 Philip Rivers  San Diego  4-3  50.48  2084  812  622.09
 Ben Roethlisberger  Pittsburgh  6-2  51.07  2302  923  654.99
 Micheal Vick  Philadelphia  3-4  47.40  1852  1259  377.38
 Matt Cassel  Kansas City  4-3  44.88  1367  870  363.03
 Tony Romo  Dallas  3-4  55.26  1978  803  441.21
 Andy Dalton *  Cincinnati  5-2  48.87  1479  724  402.39
 Josh Freeman  Tampa Bay  4-3  56.84  1725  701  346.06
 Mathew Stafford  Detroit  6-2  56.95  2196  762  511.41
 Matt Ryan  Atlanta  4-3  51.85  1683  789  401.26
 Cam Newton *  Carolina  2-6  51.43  2393  1037  530.51
 Matt Schaub  Houston  5-3  44.95  2118  1135  655.77
 Jay Cutler  Chicago  4-3  51.21  1702  803  419.18
 Colt McCoy  Cleveland  3-4  54.89  1618  613  393.40
 Kevin Kolb  Arizona  1-6  49.78  1706  697  509.78
 Mark Sanchez  NY Jets  4-3  50.32  1545  647  441.98
 Joe Flacco  Baltimore  5-2  52.40  1751  749  441.00


This Chart does not take into account Turnovers. Or TD's. It does not allow for Dominate Defenses either. poor Offensive Lines, Bad Coaching, or Officiating.

Will 2011 go down as the Greatest QB Draft? or 2012?

1983 draft

 1 1 Baltimore Colts (player later traded to Denver) John Elway Quarterback Stanford 
 1 7 Kansas City Chiefs Todd Blackledge Quarterback Penn State
 1 14 Buffalo Bills (from Cleveland) Jim Kelly Quarterback Miami (FL)
 1 15 New England Patriots Tony Eason Quarterback Illinois
 1 27 Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Quarterback Pittsburgh

This year's draft is frequently referred to as the draft with the Quarterback class of 1983, because six quarterbacks were taken in the first round, an unusually high number. Of these quarterbacks, four played in the Super Bowl, four were selected to play in the Pro Bowl, and three have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next highest number of quarterbacks taken in the first round is the five taken in the 1999 NFL Draft. All six quarterbacks were drafted by American Football Conference (AFC) teams. In eleven of the sixteen years following this draft, the AFC was represented in the Super Bowl by a team led by one of these quarterbacks: the Denver Broncos by John Elway (five times), the Buffalo Bills by Jim Kelly (four times), the Miami Dolphins by Dan Marino (once), or the New England Patriots by Tony Eason (once). from Wiki

2011 draft

 1 1 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton QB Auburn SEC 2010 Heisman Trophy winner  
 1 8 Tennessee Titans Jake Locker QB Washington Pac-10 
 1 10 Jacksonville Jaguars Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Big 12 from Washington
 1 12 Minnesota Vikings Christian Ponder QB Florida State ACC   
 2 35 Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton QB TCU MWC 
 2 36 San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada WAC from Denver

Geaux Chiefs

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