Draft Trent Richardson?!!

First I would to say that I always hear people say that the Chiefs are not a very talented team? Huh. This post wont be pretty meaning no pictures or anything like that this time around.

Since 05' plenty of our drafts picks have actually panned out. We are a very talented team as of right now and its only getting better. Last year I felt we could have won 12 games (Broncos cheated once) and Dwayne Bowe drops a game winner. The lack of talent is not justified and looking at our roster as of right now there are few players as to where we can use upgrades. FS (lewis is a bad at angles/extremely slow), SILB (Belcher is a good player that I believe that can be upgraded very easily although I must say he is doing his job), and RE. Our other defensive starters are doing an exceptional job. I didnt include LOLB because Justin Houston will fill that role long term. He just needs to adjust to the NFL speed. I love what RAC is doing with trying to make him a complete player. There's more than just rushing the passer every play *looks at Tamba*


Thats only 3 PLAYERS that we need to upgrade. Only 3. ONLY 3! 


Let's leave defense alone for now. It brings my point home in that we have a playoff caliber defense and we are 1 MAJOR upgrade away from a superbowl defense.

Offense is nearly complete but as I watch the Chiefs, I cringe when our offense steps on the field. Look we go three and out more than Robert Downey jr. been to jail but our offense is less productive than our defense so our 1st rd pick needs to go there.

Where to go: OT depth/competition/Starter or RUNNING BACK!

I love beef up front which is where games are always decided so taking a top 2 OT prospect may is an excellent idea and have a trickle down effect on our offense as a whole i.e. Giving Matt more time, Running lanes open, Deep Throws, Scrambles, etc. I would be thrilled if we went there but  Haley has a mancrush on Barry.

I do not ever advocate drafting a RB in the 1st Round unless its AD, or Jamal Charles :). This Chiefs team is different and we need to go more old school which is run well and stop the run. Our Chiefs will win plenty; along with our weapons to be totally complete. Having Trent Richardson will prolong Jamal Charles career and keep two punishing RB's on the field at ALL TIMES. Let's let Trent Richardson take the pounding all day while Charles comes in and get 15-25 touches a game (runs, screens, swing passes, catches out the backfield). Trent Richard would make our offense the most dangerous offense since 03 and we could just focus on defense after that pick.

Think about it, RB's are good in late rounds but instilling that Chiefs tradition across the league that we will always have a good/great RB and with Trent, it would last yet another 8 years. Time to grab that premium and let JC run wild as they swap in and out. Football gods have mercy on our opponent if we have a lead in the 3rd/4th quarter while these two never tire out. It just wouldn't be fair and our offense sucks right now anyway. Time to let Cassel manage his way to a playoff victory and RUN. Cassel is best when he has a running game just look at last year and this year. He needs it.

One thing to note: if defenses key on the run throw the got damn ball. If they honor the pass then run and tire them out. 7 or more in the box please throw more than run. Anything less run it. Chiefs run way too much currently when there is 8 in the box and its so predictable and we gain nothing. Look at the Chargers game for a prime example and its frustrating.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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