What If The QBOTF Isn't There?

From the FanPosts -Joel

As we begin to accept that the Kansas City Chiefs will probably miss the playoffs and will be drafting in the top 15 next year, there is a lot of talk about who the Chiefs should be taking...OK, we've already been talking about it for a couple months now. Obviously, the majority of Chiefs fans are looking at QB with the first pick, and rightfully so. Personally, I agree. I would love for KC to get Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, or Robert Griffin III.

However, I am a plan for the worst and hope for the best type of guy.

Looking ahead at the 2012 NFL Draft, I see some very worrisome possibilities in the Chiefs drafting the QBOTF with the first pick. It is a strong QB class with plenty of potential stars, journeymen starters, and quality backups. However, we have had our fill of journeymen and backups...we want our star. So, that limits our options to Luck, Barkley, and Griffin.

So what's the problem? There are several:

1. Indianapolis - The Colts have all but wrapped up the 1st overall pick, and with an aging Peyton Manning coming off of an injured neck, they would have to be crazy to pass over Andrew Luck.

2. Miami - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That's what everyone needs to be thinking when it comes to Matt Moore. The Dolphins would be nuts to put their future in his hands. The Panthers tried that, and now have Cam the Dolphins will get Matt Barkley. Hmm, maybe the Chiefs should sign Matt Moore so we can get our QBOTF?

3. Washington - John Beck or Rex Grossman? Yeah, let's face it, the Skins will be going QB early this year. The good news here is that Landry Jones is rated higher than RGIII on some maybe the Chiefs dodge a bullet with that one.

4. Seattle - That bullet we just dodged? Yeah, it turned around and got us. Seattle gave up a 3rd rd pick for Charlie Whitehurst so they wouldn't have to draft a QB. They signed Tavaris Jackson so they wouldn't have to draft a QB. I really don't see this happening a 3rd time. Griffin just got snagged.

5. Arizona - Kevin Kolb failed miserably. There was some life with John Skelton, but that quickly fell apart as well. The Cardinals may be looking at a new coach and a new QB to go with him. If any of those top 3 are available, I just can't see them passing on that opportunity.

6. Philadelphia - What?! That's right, you heard me. Don't think for a second that the Eagles won't pull the trigger if the opportunity is there. Mike Vick started out great for them, but then he has steadily declined, just like he did in Atlanta. Vince Young has played well enough that he can probably get himself a pretty good opportunity somewhere else.

7. New York - Don't get it twisted, Mark Sanchez is playing for his future right now. Rex Ryan pulling him off the 1st team for a couple practices wasn't about him losing his job to Mark Brunell this year, it was about him losing his job to a new guy next season. Sanchez isn't down and out yet, but if the Jets don't make the playoffs? Well, Sanchez might want to warm up his clipboard arm.

So there it is. My list of concerns. And this doesn't include the teams like Chicago, Denver, and New Orleans who will be in the market for backups and future projects.

Now, the Chiefs do have the option to trade up. The Jets did it for Sanchez and the Falcons did it for Jones...but are the Chiefs in the same place as either of those teams? I look at the roster, and it sure doesn't appear that way. I'm not against a trade up, but I can't say I'm thrilled about the idea.

So here is the question Chiefs fans:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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