The Workhorse of the Future!

It's not a secret, the Kansas City offense is based around the run. It's also no secret that the running game is at it's best with Jamaal Charles. Unfortunately for Jamaal, he's not all that durable and can't take every-down punishment, so that's where Thomas Jones came in last year.

Unfortunately, TJ is kind of old and will probably retire following this season. He's a tough guy, a great veteran leader too. But he's simply not as good as he was in his younger years, or even last season. But someone needs to be the power to Jamaal's dash, and we have a few options...

We could go with what we already have...

-Jackie Battle. I remember before the season, many fans were calling for him to be released. With Jamaal out, he finally got the chance to shine. He picked up 2 crucial first downs versus Minnesota, had an incredible game vs. Indy, but hasn't had the fire that he ran with at the beginning of the season since the Colts game. He's still servicable, but hardly the beast he was.

-Hope TJ stays in the league one more year.

-Use Le'Ron McClain as a runner. He's been an absolute gem, off the field and on it. Very motivational, if you happen to follow him on Twitter he's very social and upbeat, and his blocking and receiving ability amaze me. Baltimore used him as their leading rusher in 2008, and he had nearly 1,000 yards. I think a two back set with him and Jamaal, where you're not suer if he'll take it himself or lead block, could be deadly.

You could hope for a little something in the free agency...

-Brandon Jacobs. This is a little psycho, but he could be a Chief next year. The Giants are not liking what he's said about the franchise the fans, and are fed up with his antics on the field. I know you're probably thinking "If the Giants are sick of him, what makes you think he'll be better in KC?" Well, if he's off the Giants, he's out of the job. Chances are he'll take a pay cut leaving us with a cheaper, reliable, effective brusier that is also a known emotional leader in the locker room.

-Peyton Hillis... maybe. This is a contract year for Hillis. Following his wonderful season last year, his follow-up this season has been a little less impressive, due to injury, contract disputes and illness. Chances are, if he doesn't produce by the end of the season Cleveland will cut him, as managers, owners and coaches have expressed that they are willing to do so. But I say that he still has a lot left in him. Even for those of you hadn't seen him play last year, you may remember him as a brusing Bronco, and who wouldn't want that guy on their team?

Or finally, they could draft one...

Trent Richardson. Obviously the first guy that comes to mind when talking of college powerbacks, and when talking of great RB's entering the 2012 NFL Draft. He's obviously powerful and talented, but is he just a product of Bama's O-line? His measuraables are off the charts (400 pounds bench press, 4.5 40 Yard Dash, and a 600 pound squat), but is he really all that talented?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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