Peterson vs Pioli : Sports bar myth volume 1 ...The Rosters

The Chiefs roster has been the subject of much contention as of late.The common theme from fans seems to be that Todd Haley/Scott Pioli,had very little if any talent on the roster when they arrived.And what little they did have,was fat,lazy,and out of shape.Pioli is on record criticizing the roster Peterson left the team.And who could forget Haley's famous(or infamous) quote of being able to get 53 guys off the street and being able to win 2 games.So it got me thinking,just how bad was this roster of 2008.After all,if Haley/Pioli said it was terrible,then it must be so.Here is a list of players Pioli/Haley inherited from the 08 team,that are STILL in the league.



QB Tyler Thigpen(Bills)

RB Jamal Charles (KC) Jackie Battle(KC) Larry Johnson(Dolphins)

FB Mike Cox (Falcons)

WR Dwayne Bowe(KC)

TE Tony Gonzalez(KC)

OT Brandon Albertt(KC)

G Brian Waters (Patriots)

OT Wade Smith(Texans) Barry Richardson(KC)

On Defense

DE Glen Dorsey (KC)Erik Walden(Green Bay)

NT Turk McBride(Saints) Ron Edwards(Carolina)

DE Wallace Gillbury(KC)

OLB Jason Babin (Eagles)

ILB Demarrio Williams(KC)

ILB Derrick Johnson (KC)

OLB Tamba Hali(KC) Andy Studebaker (KC)

CB Brandon Flowers (KC)Dimitri Patterson (Browns)

SS Bernard Pollard (Ravens)

FS John Mcgraw(KC) Jarred Page(Eagles)

CB Brandon Carr(KC)

special teams

LS Thomas Gafford(KC)

P Dustin Colquit (KC) Steve Weathorford(Giants)

K Nick Novak(Chargers) Connor Barth(Bucs)

  So,in total 32 players off the ''horrible '' 08 roster are still in the league.That includes 17 still with the Chiefs,roughly a third of the roster.That is over 60% still on an NFL roster as of 2011 in some capacity.Well surely Pioli can do better than that...right?Lets look at who Pioli brought in 2009 who are NOT on an NFL roster as of 2011

QB Matt Guitierez

RB Javarris Williams

FB Tim Castile

WR Bobby Engram ,Lance Long

TE Sean Ryan

WR Bobby Wade ,Chris Chambers,Mark Bradley

OT Ikechuku Ndukwe

G Mike Goff

G Andy Allerman


On defense

DE Alex Magee


De Kenny Smith

NT Dion Gales

OLB Mike Vrable

ILB Pierre Walters, Justin Rogers

ILB David Heron

OLB Monty Beisel

CB Mike Richardson, Ricky Price

FS Mike Brown

CB Ricardo Colclough

In total ,24 players Pioli brought in 2009 are not on an NFL roster.That is 3 worse than what Carl Peterson did in 08.Pioli was spotted a third of the roster by Peterson ,not to mention 15 guys good enough to still be in the league ,that he did not resign(his choice).I can here the Pioligist response now,''ya ya,but he was rebuilding the team''.Again,he  could have had 15 more players on this roster to contribute,just by resigning the guys he already had alone.Much of the problems this team has on depth can be attributed to mistakes Pioli made before the 09 season.Piol also had the 3rd pick in every round in the 2009 draft.But ,that is a whole other post


What is even more damning to Pioli is he had 18 starters on this team already(if you count Colquit and Gafford) when he arrived in 2009.That means he had to find 7 starters in 3 years,that's right.only 7(had he resigned guys starting with other teams).Not to mention the depth he inherited.11 players on the 08 roster, are now backups on this team or other teams.Make no mistake ,this team should be much better than the current product on the field.It is Pioli and Haleys fault that this team isn't better.The days of blaming Herm/Peterson for this teams woes are over.In fact the better question is,what the hell would this team look like without them?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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