2012 Chiefs: The Burfict Match

First and foremost; this is my introductory post so keep the sticks and stones holstered for now. I visit "Arrowhead Pride" as if it were the newspaper and I want to read KC Chiefs news, rumors or opinions. If I make this a habbit I will be throwing out my opinion on the three major organizational segments we as fans are entitled to banter about; Front Office, Coaching, and Personal. So lets get right into it:



We all remember our talentless team of the past so lets not bring up those memories.

Beggining of the season I was excited about our potential roster. I even liked the undrafted free-agents we had before we cut the majority of them so we can keep guys like Donald Washington, Piscitelli, Q. Lawrence and Langford. With the weapons Cassel had in the pre-season and week one and two, it became apparent Cassel is not our QB of the future. I like the guy, I like how passionate he is when he makes a first down.. when he makes a first down. After a few injuries it becomes obvious our lack of depth.

Foresight 2012 Chiefs Personnal-


Note: Depending on what happens in free-agency will effect our draft. QB, QB, QB, the only QB I want in the draft is Andrew Luck but that most likely will not happen. If Barkley miraculously falls to the second I'm all for it. If I want pizza I want pizza, not a 'Pepperoni Hot Pocket' unless its free. I know, bad analogy, but we just picked up Orton, we have Stanzi, and Cassel is still under contract. Orton at the beggining of the season was on the trade block and can still have value. Cassel has some value although he is paid too much for a back-up. If my dreams can come true we would trade Cassel, T-Jax and This years 1st Round, next years first round and following years 1st rounder for Luck (which is impossible) that would be a steal for the Stanford Quarterback.

Back to reallity - We need O-Line help, D-Line help, depth in the secondary and front seven. 1st round, if we don't get an elite OT like Martin from Stanford, we should draft MLB Vontae Burfict Arizona State, instant stud, think Derrick Johnson but faster, good run stuffer, fast, can cover, and hes fast. Did I mention he's fast. This guy runs half speed at times and he is still one of the fastest looking guys on the field. He takes over in the middle and Jovan Belcher becomes good depth. This pick makes our Linebacking corp the best in the West. Burfict can rush the passer and can move over to rush OLB in 4-3 look and in a inventive defense can be moved to safety or cornerback for mis-matches, ie. Adalius Thomas Baltimore Ravens 2005-2006. 2nd round we get CB Janoris Jenkins N. Alabama or CB Chase Minnifield Virginia. I know we got B. Flowers and B. Carr but we may not re-sign Carr, or we 'franchise' him and trade him. Best case scenario, we re-sign B. Carr and we have a great rookie CB to compete, rotate and possibly take a starting job. Rotational guys are important and with the height disadvantage of B. Flowers and J. Arenas, both rookies have good height. Potentially nasty secondary. (Honestly, I would like to have B. Flowers rotate to Safety once in awhile. He is a nasty hitter in the running game and I like his zonee skill) 3rd round or trade back into 2nd for NT Alameda Ta’amu, Washington or NT Dontari Poe Memphis, Massive men to rotate with and compete with Jerrel Powe if no free-agent acquired. 3rd round we get C Peter Kontz Wisconson or C William Vlachos Alabama. Weigmen is fading and needs to be replaced. I know we have Hudson but who ever is better gets the job and the other competes with Lilja or is great depth.. Say Bye to T. Jax or Dorsey. 4th Round we get a steal - Jared Crick - Knee Injury will drop this under-sized DT to 4th round and he will play DE in our 3-4. 5th round OT or TE for depth purposes. I don't know how Jake O'Connell is still on this team. His dad must know one of the coaches. 6th round RB, Montee Ball will unlikely make it this far, but Wisconsins RB from last year, John Clay went undrafted. Also, undersized LaMichael James just got injured and may or maynot free fall do to his size, collegiate workload and the percieved potential for being injury prone. 7th round we get an under-sized QB Russel Wilson to compete with who ever we retain at QB. We also will get a Compensatory pick for Orton and whatever free agent we don't re-sign. So before you make me count the mock draft picks I did take the compensatory picks into account and the fact Pioli should have a great draft with plenty of moves.

Free Agency -

Players we may or maynot re-sign - Bowe, Carr, and Richardson.

Free-Agents to fill said vacancies if they don't get re-signed by their respective teams - WR Reggie Wayne Ind, WR Pierre Garcon Ind, WR Wes Welker NE, WR Vincent Jackson SD, WR DeSean Jackson Phi, CB-Terrell Thomas NYG, CB-Tracy Porter NO, O-Line - OG Carl Nicks NO, OG Ben Grubbs Bal, C Hartwick SD. Free-Agents that can contribute - NT Paul Solai Mia, NT Aubrayo Franklin NO, DE Mario Williams Tex.

Forgive my spelling and inconsistent punctuation.I'll get better if I continue and I will continue if the readers demand more reading material for moments of the mundane.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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