To QB, or not to QB (edit)

Scott Pioli has a decision to make. Sooooo, Let us look at what Scott has decided was good enough in the past, what is good enough in the present, and what might be good enough in the future. Please Scott don't be "Scrooge" Pioli in 2012.

1. Andrew Luck | 6'5, 235 pounds | QB | Stanford * - Prospect notes | Profile 
2. Matt Barkley | 6'2, 220 pounds | QB | Southern California * - Prospect notes | Profile 
3. Robert Griffin 6'2, 220 pounds | QB | Baylor * - Prospect notes 
4. Landry Jones | 6'4, 220 pounds | QB | Oklahoma * - Prospect notes | Profile 
5. Ryan Tannehill | 6'4, 220 pounds | QB | Texas A&M - Prospect notes 
6. Brandon Weeden | 6'4, 224 pounds | QB | Oklahoma State

This “group think” hive mind type thinking in sports and the media is brain numbing. I often wonder how so many people can’t see this….

Don’t get me wrong i think Luck is the safest choice at number 1. But i don’t think in the end he will be the best from this draft class.

This issue with quarterback evalutions is that the talking heads all evaluate backwards…. they talking about systems and arm strenght and accuracy…. but before you can get too that aspect of a quarterbacks game they have to be able to be composed enough to pass the football… and from the “eye ball test” the quarterbacks that have excelled have all looked calm and collected in the pocket even with all heck breaking lose…. example… Joey Harrington, this guy looked great at Oregan (with no one in his face against lesser competion)… But a NFL pocket is crowded and the Defensive cordinatoors entire game plan is too disrupte that quarterback and make him get happy feet… and the good quarterbacks… the really good ones aren’t phased…

Like Tom Brady is fearless even though at times he gets sacked .. yet he stands in there and is calm in the process

I firmly believe Cam Newton is still simi clueless about reading defences… YET he is able to function because what little he does no as a rookie he is able to process because he is sooooo calm in the pocket and IS fearless while all of his focus is down field….(which i pointed out pre draft i felt he was the most advanced of all the quarterbacks pre draft for that reason regardless of system he played in)

It is my belief that pocket skills Make or BREAK a quarterback and if a quarterback is shaky in that department the entire team senses it… when you see a quarterback curl up and go down because he is scared (this doesn’t bold well)… but the quarterback that is poised and calm almost always excels.. almost always… regardless of system of level of experience… if your good at that you will be good.

by Shankdiddy on Nov 23, 2011 10:08 PM PST

Agreed and Rec

Pioli's Quarterbacks:

 QB  School  Record  Comp  Att  %  Total Yds  Y/A  Avg Y/A  TD's  Int's  Rating
 Andrew Luck  Stanford  30-6  666  1003  66.4  8850  8.8  9.4  76  20  161.5
 Matt Barkley  USC  26-9  720  1133  63.5  8631  7.6  7.6  74  33  143.3
 Landry Jones  Oklahoma  27-9  956  1510  63.3  11712  7.8  7.9  92  36  143.8
 Robert Griffin III  Baylor  14-9  549  790  69.5  7073  9.0  9.6  55  13  164.4
 Ryan Tannehill  Texas A&M  12-6  437  684  63.9  4897  7.2  7.2  39  17  137.9
 Brandon Weeden  Okla State  21-3  713  1024  69.6  8644  8.4  8.7  72  26  158.7
 Tyler Palko  Pitt  19-16  645  1075  60  8343  7.8  7.9  66  25  140.8
 Ricky Stanzi  Iowa  27-10  542  907  59.8  7377  8.1  7.8  56  31  141.6
 Kyle Orton  Purdue  22-16  748  1262  59.3  8918  7.1  7.2  61  24  130.8
 Matt Cassel  USC                    
 Kevin O'Connell  SDSU  12-21  664  1151  57.7  7689  6.7  6.2  46  34  121.1
 Kliff Kingsbury  Texas Tech  23-14  1229  1881  65.3  12423  6.6  6.7  95  40  133.2
 Rohan Davey  LSU  11-4  286  478  59.8  4415  9.2  9.0  29  15  151.2
 Tom Brady  Michigan  20-5  443  711  62.3  5351  7.5  7.3  35  19  136.4


2000 NFL drafted QB's

I don't think Tom Brady will happen again in one man's lifetime. I beg you Scott, beam up one of the 1st round QB's. You may want to draft and develope QB's in the future but your past picks suggest you should just pick the Best QB available as early as possible.

Per Wes Bunting article weaknesses of Barkley vs Griffin:


-    Possesses a very average skill set. Lacks ideal size and overall arm strength.
-    Is a bit limited as an athlete, isn’t going to run away from any NFL defenders.
-    Looks a bit slow-footed in the pocket. Doesn’t reset his feet once he widens his base.
-    Accuracy gets inconsistent because of struggles to quickly reset plant leg. Gets rushed because he knows the ball needs to come out on time, but struggles to reset and balance his footwork quickly.
-    The same inconsistencies show up on bucket throws as he at times fails to collect himself. Will rush passes and fall off throws and/or not always stride toward his target.
-    Will throw blind when finding secondary options, knows the ball needs to come out, but will force passes into coverage when working back across the field.
-    Doesn’t always spin the cleanest of footballs, might struggle in cold/windy conditions.


-    Isn’t comfortable taking snaps from under center. Has some experience, but doesn’t get much depth, wants to settle his feet too quickly and isn’t natural off play action yet.
-    Doesn’t consistently stay in an ideal throwing position from the pocket. Gets upright and narrow with his base and will bounce around trying to stay in rhythm.
-    Lacks a great feel going through his progressions at this stage, more of a one side of the field guy who when flushed can find secondary reads.
-    Doesn’t do a great job pre-snap identifying the blitz and locating the hot man.
-    Gets inconsistent with his release point from the pocket at times, but mostly when rolling right. Will drop arm angle and at times looks to guide the football. 

Geaux Chiefs

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