Where We Are At With Haley

I’ll give you a little philosophy background of what I consider myself to be as a fan. When someone is brought in, or traded or signed, no matter if I think it was a good idea or bad idea or if I’m just indifferent, I’m always accepting of it. My thinking is, well it happened, you can’t change it, you might as well support it and see if it works out. I think there is a certain amount of trust that we as the fans have to give our team’s management that they are indeed doing what is best for us as fans. Now how long we give management, depends on how many times they have betrayed our trust. With all of that being said, that brings me to Todd Haley.

Am I Todd Haley’s biggest supporter? No, I can’t say you will be seeing me running his fan club anytime soon. But am I going to be at arrowhead with pitchfork and fire if he loses against the Steelers. No, I won’t be doing that either, so I am your classic, on the fence guy. It’s a hard place to live sometimes, on the fence. Your opinion can change from week to week, so when I see that, I just have to look at the facts. If you guys have any other opinions about Haley, feel free to share, but I’m just trying to lay it all on the table and in the end see where we stand.

The Good:

Well let’s start out with a positive note. The obvious being that he led the Chiefs to a 10-6 record last year with the division win and a big turnaround. Another being that players respect him. I say respect because they want to fight and play hard for him, but he isn’t there buddy. Not a lot of buddy buddy coaches are very successful. Those that are successful usually get their respect and loyalty from their players because he pushes them to be the best. He also has developed a nice base of WRs. Something that has been lacking in Kansas City for a long time. A little trivia for you. Who was the last WR to post more yards (1162) than Bowe in one season for the Chiefs.  If you guessed Derrick Alexander in 2000, then you would be correct. Haley does know how to develop a group of WRs.

The Bad:

Haley has an overall record of 18-24 in the regular season. Nope, that’s not great. Yes he did take a team that was on the bottom for many years and made them competitive at times, but being 6 games under .500 and potentially more when this season is over isn’t going to win any awards. Here is a question that popped into my head today. When was the last time the Chiefs won a game, they probably should have lost? Like going into the game you thought, everything has to work perfectly for us to get a win against this team. I’m going to take out the division games because we see those opponents twice a year every year and we seem to just split those anyways. I’m talking about a team that comes in that is playing well, a playoff caliber team and the Chiefs beat them. I say there is none from this year and I can’t justify any from last year. (Only 3 teams were .500 or better that we won against). The last game was 2009 when we played the Steelers and won in OT.

Another thing is the preparation going into the games. It seems sometimes that there was none. The average margin of defeat this year is 24 points. That is just a crazy number and that means that we aren’t an Eric Berry or Jamal Charles away from competing, we need a lot more help.


Well this is where I need you guys. Maybe Haley comes out and wins two out of the next four games and I can point to these games as signature wins that the team can build on for next year, but when your last great victory came in 2009, maybe that isn’t the makings of a great coach. Maybe he doesn’t know how to game plan against teams that are more talented that his team is. Or maybe he has had too much adversity with injuries to produce a competitive team this year.  Which side of the fence do you camp on? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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