2012 Head Coaching Candidates

With our team withering away to nothing, I have decided it is time to give our team to a new leader. A guy who can lead us to victory.

Follow me and let's look at some good coaching candidates for next year....

Nick Saban - Nick Saban was the DC of the Cleveland Browns while Belichick was the HC and Scott Pioli was the Pro Personel Assistant. He has the connection. He has a career college coaching record of 144-54 and pro record of 15-17. He has turned Alabama into a powerhouse year in and year out.

Todd Haley - Todd took us to the playoffs in his second year as HC. This year after a few key injuries our team has just fell flat. We have been blown out too many times to count and I am not sure Todd is the guy.

Kirk Ferent - Head Coach of Iowa. He was also on the Browns staff with Pioli as the Offensive Line coach. He has been the coach of Iowa since 1999 and has a record of 96-64 with them.

Eric Mangini - He was on the old Browns staff with Belickick and Pioli as a public relations intern. He then went to the Ravens with Pioli in 1996 as an offensive assistant. He has a HC record in the NFL of 33-47. He is still only 40yrs old.

Josh McDaniels - He was with the Patriots from 2001 until 2008. A big part of the dynasty with Pioli and Belichick. He went on to coach the Broncos for 1 and 1/2 seasons for a record of 11-17. He currently servse as the OC of the St. Louis Rams.

Romeo Crennel - Our current DC. He served with the Patriots from 2001-2004. He had a record of 24-40 with the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Philbin - Current OC of the Green Bay Packers since 2007. Been with Packers since 2003. Previously a college Oline/OC in the college ranks from 1984-2002. Was the offensive line coach under Kirk Ferentz from 1999-2002.

Chuck Pagano - DC of the Baltimore Ravens. He has been a defensive coach his entire career. Recently he served as Ravens secondary coach from 2008-2010.

Mike Mularkey - Current OC of the Falcons since 2008. Head Coaching record of 14-18. Was OC of the Steelers from 2001-2003 and the Dolphins in 2006.

Chucky Gruden - Former SB champion coach of the Buccaneers. Coached 10yrs in the NFL and amassed a 95-81 record. Went to the playoffs in 5 of those years. Still just 48yrs old.

Jeff Fisher - HC of the Titans/Oilers for 17yrs. Went 142-120. 6 playoff years. Lost in the SB in 1999 to the Rams.

Bill Cowher - Former HC of the Steelers from 1992-2006 and went 149-90. Went to the playoffs in 10 seasons. Won the SB in 2005. 12-9 record in the playoffs. Just 54yrs old still has plenty left.

Pete Carmichael Jr. - Current OC of the Saints since 2009 and QB coach since 2006.

So what do you think AP....any of these guys interest you?

Who do you want leading the Chiefs starting in 2012??

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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