You are the Final say in the War Room...

I'd like to introduce myself, and all that jazz. But I dont have time for it.

With all this Kyle Orton, Tyler Palko talk it's a wierd time to bring this up... But I'm dying to check the pulse on my Chief brethen.


I firmly believe that a very good QB makes the team better. They make better reads, better throws, better audibles, they involve their knowledge in the gameplanning aspect. They make the team in general look a lot better. Needless to say I want one of them. But I want to know what do you think.


I commonly talk to a particular co-worker about the SEC, and I always argue, that the SEC recruits the best athletes in the country, but they can't consisently recruit a good QB.  His reply, "they can't keep QB healthy enough, so they don't even try to recruit the best QB out of college." WTH is that about? If I didn't have to see the guy everyday I would call him a douche, and go on with life, but since that's not the case I try and reason with him. I know injuries are apart of the game, but damn... Is it that bad?


My guess... The SEC wants to predominately play one way. Great defense, strong running game, no turnovers... I rest my case with the LSU Alabama game. (I feel like if I have to watch AJ McCaren and Jarret Lee battle it out again I may shoot myself) But this raises a question, How do the Chiefs want to play? Most would say Pioli is a SEC tough minded guy that favors that style of play, we all know Haley is a branch from the Parcells tree, and most importantly, and the point I think is over looked is that the Hunt family has been like this since I can remember. (There is one period in time that bucks this trend and thats the tenure of the one Dick Vermeil) Riddle me this, How do the Chiefs want to win? How do they play to win?


I've said all of this to seg-way into this... This upcoming draft the Chiefs will have an opportunity to draft perhaps a QBotF. A QB that can come in and start immediately, and provide this team with something that has been few and far between for this organization. A QB that mangement believes in... A QB that can grow and develop with this young nucleus of talent. Make no mistake about it the chiefs are still in rebuilding mode. The foundation is starting to set. Expectations are building. You are in the draft room, with the final call on the pick. You know the philosophies of the three headed monster in the room. The Chiefs are on the clock with the 7th Overall pick....


Here are the selections made ahead of you:


1 IND Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 SEA Matt Barkley QB Southern California
3 CLE Matt Kalil OT Southern California
4 STL Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina
5 MIA Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
6 MIN Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

 Pioli wants to trade back with DAL who has the 22nd pick and has stated they want Trent Richardson. They are willing to give up the 22nd pick, this years 2nd rounder and next years first. With the 22nd pick he is eyeing



Andrew Datko OT Florida State

 and anticipating drafting


Courtney Upshaw OLB 6-2 265 Alabama

in the second round


Haley wants to select Vontaze Burfict  ILB/OLB Arizona State


Hunt wants to select

Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

The room has just recieved a call that the Washington Redskins intend on taking RGIII with 17th selection

You can be a voice of reason, and have the final say in the WAR ROOM. Make your case

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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