Searching For The Chiefs Top Defensive Plays

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 21: Danny Woodhead #39 of the New England Patriots is hit by Derrick Johnson #56 of the Kansas City Chiefs on November 21, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
So we've got a new sponsorship we're working on and the end result for you, the reader, is that we're going to be picking out the top five defensive plays each week. Sometimes, like the case of the Raiders game last month, that's not so hard. Other times, like when the Chiefs give up 30-plus points, it's going to be hard to find some of these great defensive plays.

The Chiefs-Patriots game is a case of the latter so we're going to be looking at the Chiefs best defensive drives. It works out well because the Chiefs stopped the Patriots offense...exactly five times.

So, the Chiefs best defensive drives against the Patriots:
First drive: Three and out for the Patriots. It really started exactly the way the Chiefs wanted it to. Incomplete pass, two-yard run and then late flag which was intentional grounding on Tom Brady. The Chiefs defense had New England punting from the 26-yard line so they had a shot at securing decent field position as well.

Second drive: Five and out for the Patriots. They picked up one first down on a pass to Aaron Hernandez but the Chiefs defense stepped it up again forcing two incompletions on passes intended for Rob Gronkowski on second and third down. Believe it or not, the Chiefs actually did a pretty good job on Gronkowski throughout the night -- he just made them pay on two mistakes.

Third drive: The Pats started at the Chiefs' 44-yard line following the surprise onside kick after KC's field goal so giving New England a short field...usually not a good thing. Nevertheless, the Chiefs defense came up big. The Pats moved the ball down to the 30-yard line before Wallace Gilberry came in on a third and eight and forced the fumble on Brady. This is really the point we started wondering how far the defense could take the Chiefs that night.

Fourth drive: The Patriots started at their own six-yard line which, even for New England's offense, is tough field position to deal with. Brady and Co. picked up one first down but he was then sacked by Amon Gordon on first down and again by Tamba Hali on third down. 4th and 21 had the Pats punting from their own six, right where they started.


Ninth drive: This was a pretty straight forward drive early in the fourth quarter with the Pats having already secured the game at 27-3. They started at their own 20-yard line, picked up four yards on a rushing play, threw two incompletions and punted the ball. As we found out later in the game, the Pats were still trying to score on the Chiefs at this time.
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