Todd Haley says this is a results oriented business – so what are the consequences?


I am angry.  Why can’t the chief’s nation realize that we are being fed the same dog food year after year?  I am starting to wonder if Lamar didn’t teach Clark that the simple formula is to keep them hoping for next year.  We need to cut through all the B.S.  The fact is that the chiefs are not getting better.  The question is who should lose their job.  Where does the buck stop?  I say Pioli!  Let’s look at the facts.



I don’t blame Clark for hiring Pioli.  He was the hottest thing since slice bread a few years back.  Unfortunately, time has proven that he a bust.  He has failed in countless ways.  The ones that stick out in my mind are;


1)      He waited two weeks before he fired Herm.  He wasted time finding the best coach.  He ended up hiring the soup de jour in Haley.  We can argue all you want.  The fact is that Haley has a losing record.  He is more than likely bi-polar and is in over his head.

2)      He failed to address the tackle position.  Honest to God – my 10 year old pointed out that the Chiefs needed a right tackle in 2008.  Pioli missed the obvious.  To this day he has not addressed this glaring need.

3)      His drafts have missed the mark – The Tyson Jackson selection is obvious.  Scott thought he was the draft Guru.  His 2009 draft is one of the worst in recent memory.  However, the 2010 draft is the bigger bust!  He wasted two 2nd round picks on 4th round talent.  Do you think that the O-line and D-line just got crappy this year?  I also think that he has failed to address the inside linebacker position.  This has been a glaring need for a long-time.  Again, the facts are facts.  Pioli has not drafted well.

4)      Failure to sign key free agents.  My sense is that Pioli will overreact next year.  The same way that Carl overreacted when Gunter gave him his shopping list of key free agents.  Finding the right balance takes an expert.  Pioli has proven that he is no expert.  I am angry that he let key players like Shaun Smith, Ron Edwards and Brian Waters leave to early.  We miss those guys more than ever.

5)      Failure to find a backup quarterback.  How lucky we are that Tyler Palko fell into our hands.  He has only been cut 6 times before the Chiefs found something that no one else could see.  This guy has a high school arm.  He has no business playing in the NFL.  I suspect that Haley lobbied for him because he is a western PA guy.  Bottom line – Pioli failed!!


I could go on and on.  The facts are the facts this team sucks again.  Nothing will change unless the Spotlight is put on the facts that Pioli is a failure.  My only hope is that Clark doesn’t wait 20 years before he terminates the second version of King Carl.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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