Carpe Diem or A State of Flux



The 2011 season is going down in flames, even our practice squad Fullback has hit the injured reserve this season.

Is it time to plan a block-buster trade for the Indianapolis Colts overall #1 pick? What do the Colts need?

Where to start. Depth at Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Right Tackle, Center, Left Tackle, DT of the 4-3 variety, OLB of the 4-3 variety, Free Safety , Strong Safety, and Cornerback.


The NFL trade chart says that the overall #1 pick is worth 3000 points while the overall #2 pick is worth 2600 points and #3 is worth 2200 points.


Colts general manager Chris Polian, another of Bill Polian's sons, brought in Andy Dalton for a workout before the previous draft and if the Colts have a shot at Luck with the No. 1 pick, it would be tough not to make the choice.

At 0-10, Indy is the NFL's only winless team and now holds a two-game lead in the chase for the No. 1 pick. Most expect that choice to be used on Stanford's Andrew Luck, who some scouts believe is the most complete college quarterback since the Colts took Manning with the No. 1 overall choice in 1998.

Manning hasn't played or practiced since having neck surgery for a damaged nerve on Sept. 8, his third neck procedure in 19 months. Manning's return is no guarantee. Earlier this month, Manning told reporters he was still waiting for the fusion to heal and the nerve to regenerate. The four-time league MVP signed a new five-year, $90 million deal in July, matching Tom Brady's record average annual salary of $18 million.

Manning is due a $28 million bonus next year, though Indy can opt out of the deal after the season.

from ESPN story

What will it take to WOW Bill Polian?

Current NFL standings of the not Playoff kind:

Indianapolis Colts  AFC ACS 0 10 0 .000  - Peyton Manning
Carolina Panthers  NFC NCS 2 7 0 .222 - Cam Newton
Miami Dolphins  AFC ACE 2 7 0 .222 - winnable remaining games Buffalo x2, @Dallas, home against Philadelphia
Minnesota Vikings  NFC NCN 2 7 0 .222 - Christian Ponder
St. Louis Rams  NFC NCW 2 7 0 .222 - Sam Bradford
Arizona Cardinals  NFC NCW 3 6 0 .333 - Kevin Kolb
Cleveland Browns  AFC ACN 3 6 0 .333 - Colt McCoy
Jacksonville Jaguars  AFC ACS 3 6 0 .333 - Blaine Gabbert
Philadelphia Eagles  NFC NCE 3 6 0 .333
Seattle Seahawks  NFC NCW 3 6 0 .333
Washington Redskins  NFC NCE 3 6 0 .333 - winnable remaining games @Seattle and Philadelphia, home against Minnesota
Kansas City Chiefs  AFC ACW 4 5 0 .444 - winnable remaining games @Denver, home against Oakland
San Diego Chargers  AFC ACW 4 5 0 .444 - Philip Rivers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  NFC NCS 4 5 0 .444
Denver Broncos  AFC ACW 5 5 0 .500 - Tim Tebow

Where do the Kansas City Chiefs finish? Is Andrew Luck the Holy Grail or can the Chiefs find eternal life with a different Grail, Hell, do we need to worry about a Holy Grail with Matt Cassel and/or Ricky Stanzi on the roster?

Each step down from our current record of 12th is 50 points till we are 8th in the standings, from 8th to 4th each negative step is worth 100 points. Do I want to lose? Hell No. The Chiefs opponents have a lot to say whether the Chiefs move up or down now. Backup QB, RB, TE, and SS also play a part in how competitive we can be on Gameday.

Back to Wow'ing Bill Polian can we do it without trading our entire draft? Would it be more than some other QB needy team decides to part with? A poll!

Geaux Chiefs

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