CWP's Chiefs Mock Draft 1.0

1. Colts - Andrew Luck QB Stanford

2. Rams - Justin Blackmon WR OSU

3. Dolphins - Matt Barkley QB USC

4. Panthers - Morris Claiborne CB LSU


With the 5th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs Select:

Matt Kalil OT USC



Best OT in the draft 'falls' to us, and we pull the trigger. No one can deny that we've had offensive line struggles, and questions abound to what it is exactly we're gonna do. This draft will simplify things. Matt Kalil has NFL blood lines and is an excellent Tackle in all facets of the game. He already knows the pro-style offense, and has kept top pick Barkley clean for years now. Kalil is going to settle in at LT for us easily. In my mock I don't think Jones or RGIII declare, so this is an easy pick to make. Pioli believes that first round picks should be used on players that will, "win you championships", and Kalil could be another piece to that ultimate puzzle.


With their 2nd round pick the Chiefs select:

Cordy Glenn Jr. OG/OT Georgia



Two OL Picks in the first 2 Rounds? Is this real life? Yupp, Albert will be moved to RT and that still leaves us with the LG spot where I think Lilja is better suited as great depth/back-up. Glenn is a mauler and a mammoth of a human being. However he's shown good ability at LT to the point where I think he's got the requisite quickness be a good fit for our ZBS scheme. With Hudson manning the middle, we're gonna need some big boys beside him and you really can't get much bigger. With this pick, hopefully our OL issues are finally solved and we can start focusing on the rest of the team.


With their 3rd round pick the Chiefs select:

Tank Carder ILB/OLB TCU



I think we can all agree that the ILB position needs an upgrade. Belcher has shown continuous limitations and may be better suited at back-up, while Siler is an unknown at this point. Tank Carder is probably the best ILB for the rest of the draft and we pull the trigger here. Carder provides us with a great overall game, good in pass coverage, defending the run and getting after the QB.


With their 4th round pick the Chiefs select:

Antonio Allen S/LB S. Car



Finally some Safety help. Allen plays the SPUR position in S. Car. which requires ability at both covering the Tight End and stopping the run when needed. Sounds like the Safety in our Nickel/Dime Packages right?


With their 5th Round Pick the Chiefs select:

DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama



Can't ever have to much depth at CB.


With their 6th round pick the Chiefs select:

Rhett Ellison TE USC



Maybe we can finally get rid of Pope, Ellison is a solid overall TE that would compliment Moeaki well.


With their two picks in the 7th round the Chiefs select:

Russel Wilson QB Wisconsin



Brandon Bolden RB Ole Miss



More competition at QB and a big back to replace Jones? Yes please.


Thoughts and concerns? Also general draft thread.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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