Calling All Chiefs Fans in MN

Ever read a post by me and think, "Man, I'd like to meet that guy?"  No?  Can't say a blame you.

Be that as it may, H2E and I are going to find a place to watch some football on Monday night.  I KNOW there's at least a couple of folks from MN here on AP (I can't be alone, right?  Right?  GUYS?) and there's no chance like the present to get together and watch the beginning of the doubtlessly-soon-to-be-legendary beginning to the Tyler Palko era. 

Also, since I don't want to put forth a 2 second fanpost without at least spewing out a little bit of random thought, here's some stuff to chew on...


-Every single Cassel apologist (no, it's not an insult.  An apologist is a person who defends something through argument, that's all.  So relax) had better pray that Tyler Palko goes roughly 10-26 with no TD's and 3 picks.  Otherwise, it's going to be tough to defend the whole "Cassel was making the best of a bad situation" argument come Tuesday.

-If Barry Richardson still starts at RT on Monday, we'll know that he either has incriminating pictures of Haley or that Haley's just lost his mind.  Either way, Palko may be the first player to actually get torn in half.

-Our defense isn't that bad, and Tyson Jackson is a better defensive end than Glenn Dorsey.  I refuse to argue about either of those points; we'll both just be wasting our time.  Let me drop something on you though; in 2009 Troy P missed more than half the season with injuries.  The Steelers defense had him for 5 games and was without him for 11.  With him, they gave up 13 points per game. 

Let that sink in the next time you decide it's ridiculous how our defense has struggled.  A great defense became mediocre without it's All-World SS.  Is it really that surprising that our average defense is less than average without ours?  Especially given that both defenses were planned around what those guys can do?  Yeah, injuries aren't a complete waiver, but sometimes they at least provide a partial explanation.

-I actually had two consecutive dreams about law school and then Arrowhead Pride the other night.  There's a good chance I need more fun outlets in my life.

-All right, I've watched some tape on RG3 now.  Will someone please explain to me why he's a question mark?  Dude goes through his progressions, is accurate, and throws a B-E-A-UTIFUL deep ball.  What's not to like?  Fill me in here.  and don't say "gimmick offense" and then leave it at that.  Why, specifically, can't RG3 succeed?  I need to know so I can extinguish this man-crush.

-If we don't go QB (barring a Palko or Stanzi miracle) next year in the draft and get one of the several excellent prospects, I'm filing another lawsuit.  Only a serious one. 

-I hope Hudson starts Monday.  If he's half the player Asamoah is we're set for a decade at C.  Also, Weigmann's the weak link on our line that go by the name Barry.

-Justin Houston needs to step up.  Like now.  Almost as much as Powe needs to see the field.


There, that's enough random thoughts to make me not feel guilty about throwing this in the fanposts.  Anyways, back to the main point.  Monday Night Football.  Me and H2E.  Buffalo Wild Wings.  Anyone from the Twin Cities area or nearby who's interested (and how could you not be?) throw me an email.

Oh, and just 'cuz I can here and not in stories...




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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