Wild Expectations

Nothing worth having comes easy

The enjoyment is in the ride

UCLA Basketball

1966–67 John Wooden 30–0 14–0 1 NCAA Champion
1967–68 John Wooden 29–1 14–0 1 NCAA Champion
1968–69 John Wooden 29–1 13–1 1 NCAA Champion
1969–70 John Wooden 28–2 12–2 1 NCAA Champion
1970–71 John Wooden 29–1 14–0 1 NCAA Champion
1971–72 John Wooden 30–0 14–0 1 NCAA Champion
1972–73 John Wooden 30–0 14–0 1 NCAA Champion

Growing up, I would watch the title game (I thought it was the only College Basketball game back then). UCLA won every year. What fun it must be to be a fan that never feels that doubt that MY team might lose today :(

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the Ascent to that goal of perpetual NFL Championships.

In 2012, Is the next step.......

Best Player Available

Who are the best prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft?

The Big Chart:

 Date  September 23  November 15  November 15  November 16  November 16
 1.  Andrew Luck QB  Andrew Luck QB  Andrew Luck QB  Andrew Luck QB  Andrew Luck QB
 2.  Matt Kalil OT  Matt Barkley QB  Matt Kalil OT  Matt Kalil OT  Matt Kalil OT
 3.  Quinton Coples DE/OLB  Matt Kalil OT  Matt Barkley QB  Justin Blackmon WR  Justin Blackmon WR
 4.  Trent Richardson RB  Justin Blackmon WR  Landry Jones QB  Trent Richardson RB  Trent Richardson RB
 5.  Zach Brown 4-3 OLB  Trent Richardson RB  Trent Richardson RB  Matt Barkley QB  Matt Barkley QB
 6.  Jonathan Martin OT  Alshon Jeffery WR  Justin Blackmon WR  Jonathan Martin OT  Quinton Coples DE/OLB
 7.  Vontaze Burfict ILB  Quinton Coples DE/OLB  Morris Claiborne CB  Quinton Coples DE/OLB  Morris Claiborne CB
 8.  Alshon Jeffery WR  Zach Brown 4-3 OLB  Quinton Coples DE/OLB  Alshon Jeffery WR  Alshon Jeffery WR
 9.  Matt Barkley QB  David DeCastro G  Jonathan Martin OT  Dre Kirkpatrick CB  Brandon Thompson DT
 10.  Justin Blackmon WR  Dre Kirkpatrick CB  Courtney Upshaw OLB/ILB  Landry Jones QB  Dre Kirkpatrick CB
 11.  Manti Te'o ILB  Morris Claiborne CB  Robert Griffin QB  Zach Brown 4-3 OLB  Zach Brown 4-3 OLB
 12.  Dre Kirkpatrick CB  Jonathan Martin OT  Dre Kirkpatrick CB  Vontaze Burfict ILB  Courtney Upshaw OLB/ILB
 13.  Donte Paige-Moss DE/OLB  Michael Floyd WR  Alshon Jeffery WR  Michael Floyd WR  Mike Adams OT
 14.  Luke Kuechly ILB  Riley Reiff OT  Riley Reiff OT  Riley Reiff OT  Landry Jones QB
 15.  Landry Jones QB  Landry Jones QB  Zach Brown 4-3 OLB  Alfonzo Dennard CB  Luke Kuechly ILB
 16.  Dont'a Hightower ILB  Brandon Thompson DT  Luke Kuechly ILB  Morris Claiborne CB  Alameda Ta'amu NT
 17.  Brandon Thompson DT  Cordy Glenn G/T  Vontaze Burfict ILB  Manti Te'o ILB  Vontaze Burfict ILB
 18.  Michael Floyd WR  Alfonzo Dennard CB  Manti Te'o ILB  Dont'a Hightower ILB  Whitney Mercilus 4-3 DE
 19.  Brandon Jenkins 4-3 DE  * Devon Still DE  David DeCastro G  Luke Kuechly ILB  Michael Floyd WR
 20.  Chase Minniefield CB   * Ryan Tannehill QB  Alfonzo Dennard CB  Cordy Glenn G/T  Alfonzo Dennard CB
 21.  Brandon Washington G/T  * Mike Adams OT  Michael Floyd WR  Jerel Worthy NT  Jonathan Martin OT
 22.  Jeff Fuller WR  Robert Griffin QB  Brandon Jenkins 4-3 DE  Chase Minniefield CB   Billy Winn DE
 23.  Alfonzo Dennard CB  Courtney Upshaw OLB/ILB  * Barrett Jones OT  Robert Griffin QB  T.J. McDonald FS
 24.  Alameda Ta'amu NT  * Peter Konz C  Devon Still DE  Courtney Upshaw OLB/ILB  Brandon Jenkins 4-3 DE
 25.  Riley Reiff OT  Luke Kuechly ILB  Alameda Ta'amu NT  Donte Paige-Moss DE/OLB  Jared Crick DE
 26.  Janoris Jenkins CB  Janoris Jenkins CB  Peter Konz C  Brandon Thompson DT  * Montee Ball RB
 27.  Robert Griffin QB  Dont'a Hightower ILB  * Mike Brewster C  Stephon Gilmore CB  * Levy Adcock OT
 28.  Courtney Upshaw OLB/ILB  * Lamar Miller RB  Janoris Jenkins CB  Mark Barron SS  Mark Barron SS
 29.  Ryan Broyles WR  Jerel Worthy NT  Stephon Gilmore CB  Jared Crick DE  Josh Chapman, NT
 30.  Jerel Worthy NT  * Dontari Poe NT  Chase Minniefield CB  Janoris Jenkins CB  Cordy Glenn G/T
 31.  Cordy Glenn G/T  Manti Te'o ILB  * Casey Hayward CB  Alameda Ta'amu NT  * Juron Criner WR
 32.  Vinny Curry DE/OLB  * Dwayne Allen TE  * Frank Alexander DE  Andrew Datko OT  Dont'a Hightower ILB
 33.  Travis Lewis 4-3 OLB  * Billy Winn DE  Whitney Mercilus 4-3 DE  David DeCastro G  Janoris Jenkins CB
 34.  Morris Claiborne CB  * D.J. Fluker OT  Dwight Jones WR  * Devin Taylor DE  * Chris Polk RB
 35.  David Wilson RB  * Nick Toon WR  Ronnell Lewis OLB  Brandon Jenkins 4-3 DE  * Brandon Weeden QB
 36.  Andrew Datko OT  Chase Minniefield CB   Kelechi Osemele G/T  D.J. Fluker OT  * Zebrie Sanders OT
 37.  Mohamed Sanu WR  * Jared Crick DE  Dont'a Hightower ILB  Peter Konz C  * Stephen Hill WR
 38.  Robert Lester FS  Kendall Wright WR  Vinny Curry DE/OLB  Nick Toon WR  LaMichael James RB
 39.  David DeCastro G  Kelechi Osemele G/T  T.J. McDonald FS  T.J. McDonald FS  Manti Te'o ILB
 40.  Stephon Gilmore CB  * Xavier Rhodes CB  Dwayne Allen TE  Vinny Curry DE/OLB  Mohamed Sanu WR
 41.  Kelechi Osemele G/T  * Ronnell Lewis OLB  Jayron Hosley CB  Devon Still DE  Kelechi Osemele G/T
 42.  Dwight Jones WR  * Whitney Mercilus 4-3 DE  Jerel Worthy NT  * Josh Chapman, NT  Jayron Hosley CB
 43.  Brandon Boykin CB  * Orson Charles TE  * Mark Barron SS  Mike Brewster C  Dwayne Allen TE
 44.  Cyrus Gray RB  * Markelle Martin FS  * Melvin Ingram DE  Dwayne Allen TE  * T.Y. Hilton WR
 45.  T.J. McDonald FS  Brandon Jenkins 4-3 DE  Travis Lewis 4-3 OLB  Ronnell Lewis OLB  Ryan Tannehill QB
 46.  Keenan Robinson 4-3 OLB  * Fletcher Cox DT  Mike Adams OT   * LaMichael James RB  Lamar Miller RB
 47.  Kendall Wright WR  * Cam Johnson 4-3 DE  * Kevin Zeitler G  Ryan Tannehill QB  Chase Minniefield CB
 48.  Nick Foles QB  Jayron Hosley CB  Cordy Glenn G/T  Billy Winn DE  Markelle Martin FS
 49.  Marcus Forston DT  Mohamed Sanu WR  Mohamed Sanu WR  Travis Lewis 4-3 OLB  * Kwame Geathers NT
 50.  Jayron Hosley CB  Stephon Gilmore CB  Ryan Broyles WR  * Cliff Harris CB  Vinny Curry DE/OLB


The Chiefs will have a pretty good Prospect or Two come April.

Geaux Chiefs

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