The Numbers: Matt Cassel vs. the Quarterbacks of the Future!

It's become more than clear to many on this site that Matt Cassel is not the answer for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clearly, there's another QB on the roster who is likely better than Cassel (*cough*Palko*cough*) as we'll find out this Sunday and, even if that guy isn't the answer, Cassel's injury will force the Chiefs to transition to the one, true savior (*cough*Stanzi*cough*) of the future Chiefs.

So, because certainly we all know more than Pioli and Haley and, obviously, the numbers will bear out our argument, let's take a look at what our miserable, no good, below average QB (you know, Matt Cassel) looks like against the true, legitimate Quarterbacks of the Future!

(For the record, that last bit sounds even better if you imagine it said with a booming, echoing voice.)

Let me introduce lowly Matt Cassel's competition:

In cases (such as Sam Bradford's) in which Cassel has been in Kansas City longer than the competition has been in the NFL, only the years in which both players were in the NFL will be considered.

In cases (such as Matt Ryan's) in which the competition has been in the NFL longer than Cassel has been in Kansas City, only the years in which Cassel was in Kansas City will be considered.

Let's go to the numbers!

Cassel vs. Sam Bradford (2010-2011):
Games Started: 24 vs. 23
Comp: 422 vs. 496
Att: 719 vs. 847
Pct: 58.6% vs. 58.6%
Yds: 4,829 vs. 5,099
Avg: 6.7 vs. 6.0
TD: 37 vs. 22
INT: 16 vs. 19
Rate: 86.9 vs. 75.3

Cassel vs. Matt Stafford (2009-2011):
Games Played: 39 vs. 22
Comp: 693 vs. 474
Att: 1212 vs. 835
Pct: 57.1% vs. 56.8%
Yds: 7,753 vs. 5,310
Avg: 6.4 vs. 6.4
TD: 53 vs. 39
INT: 32 vs. 29
Rate: 80 vs. 77.0

Cassel vs. Matt Ryan (2009-2011):
Games Started: 39 vs. 39
Comp: 693 vs. 817
Att: 1212 vs. 1350
Pct: 57.1% vs. 60.5%
Yds: 7,753 vs. 8,930
Avg: 6.4 vs. 6.6
TD: 53 vs. 64
INT: 32 vs. 33
Rate: 80 vs. 85.7

Cassel vs. Mark Sanchez (2009-2011):
Games Started: 39 vs. 40
Comp: 693 vs. 643
Att: 1212 vs. 1169
Pct: 57.1% vs. 55.0%
Yds: 7,753 vs. 7,816
Avg: 6.4 vs. 6.7
TD: 53 vs. 43
INT: 32 vs. 42
Rate: 80 vs. 73.1

Cassel vs. Josh Freeman (2009 – 2011):
Games Played: 39 vs. 34
Comp: 693 vs. 657
Att: 1212 vs. 1104
Pct: 57.1% vs. 59.5%
Yds: 7,753 vs. 7,480
Avg: 6.4 vs. 6.8
TD: 53 vs. 44
INT: 32 vs. 37
Rate: 80 vs. 79.2

So, of those QBotFs, the one he compares least favorably against is Matt Ryan, and that's throwing out Ryan's rookie season and Cassel's year in New England. If you include those two years, Cassel and Ryan appear a whole lot more 'even.'

So, there you have it, folks: Just as everyone here has lead you to believe and as you would've expected, our miserable, no-good QB in his two-and-a-half years in Kansas City is clearly worse better and farther behind ahead of the development of the Quarterbacks of the future.

Clearly, Matt Cassel should be replaced immediately with whatever prospect falls to us in the draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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