Matt Cassel's Best vs Aaron Rodgers Averages

To be the best you have to beat the best, so just for the sake of self torture I'd like to hand pick Matt Cassel's best stats from his 9 games this year and put them against Aaron Rodgers averages for this season. Now you might say "Well that's not even fair, they're working with different receivers, and O-lines." which is a fair argument, to which I would reply, I'm giving Cassel the edge by putting his VERY BEST against what should be the averages for the best QB in the league, granted he's having the best season for a QB since like, ever. So let the fun begin...

Cassel's best Yards in a game- 261

Rodgers's average YPG- 327

-Winner: Rodgers,  and for the record his worst game in yardage was 247 against SD, 14 yards worse than Cassel's best.

Cassel's best Yards per Attempt- 8.97

Rodger's average YPA- 9.88

-Winner: Rodgers, and his worst YPA game, since you were gonna ask was 7.82 against CHI, Cassel's worst: 3.31 against BUF, barely beating out his 3.32 against DEN. Rodgers has thrown over 10 YPA in 5 games, Cassel hasn't thrown over 9 once. 

Cassel's best Comp% game- 72.4

Rodger's average Comp% game- 72.5

-Winner: Rodgers comes through with a narrow victory. Rodgers worst game- 62.1, Matt Cassel's average- 59.5, his worst game- 46.4. So Rodgers worst game is still better than Cassel's average. 

Cassel's best QB Rating game- 138.9

Rodger's average QB rating- 129.1

-Winner: Cassel, with the very solid game against a winless Indy team. Cassel's had 3 games out of 9 over 100. Rodgers has been above 100 in every game, and his worst game was a QB rating of, get this, 111.4. HIS WORST GAME!!! Cassel's worst game: 38.3 in a 28-0 blowout at OAK. Even in our biggest win of the season he's still awful. 

So all that being said, it's pretty clear to see that even on Matt Cassel's best day as a QB, he's still not as good as Aaron Rodgers on an average day. But you don't need the stats or my elementary words to tell you that, any boob can watch the two play and see that Rodgers is light years above Cassel. I just didn't realize how far the divide really was. I mean, I get that Rodgers is the elite of the elite right now, and obviously Cassel is having a down year from last years form, but my goodness the difference is enormous. Anyways, as always I find the stats interesting so thought I'd share. Thanks for reading. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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