2011 QB Power Rankings.

 Well folks, if you are like me, you are getting pretty sick of watching football this year which is too bad because there is some pretty unbelievable QB play around the NFL. Instead of focusing on what the Chiefs aren’t doing, maybe I’ll pay a little more attention to the rest of the league, namely the QB. What I’ve done after the jump is breakdown all 32 starting QB’s in the NFL and how I would rank them according to my brilliant mind. Some of the names may surprise you but try to drop your preconceived notions of the QB’s and look at their body of work in 2011.

So, here we go…

The Elite of the Elite Division:

1. Aaron Rodgers. There used to be the debate whether or not Rodgers has done enough to be at the level of a Manning or a Brady. Well I guess I blinked because now all of a sudden he is heads and shoulders above not only anyone in the game today, but he’s playing at a level NEVER seen in the sport. Of course, he sat 3 years behind the best to ever play the game, so I guess some guys are more fortunate than others.


(The reason Rodgers is so damn good)

The Elite Division:

2. Tom Brady. Still doing it at a high level and it really is remarkable how constant he’s remained with constant turnover around him.  There is the constant debate “Is Hoodie good because of Brady” or “Is Brady good because of the Hoodie”. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Brady has benefited from some pretty damn good defenses early on and now he’s evolved into an elite QB, it’s allowed the Hoodie to completely retool his team on the fly

3. Drew Brees. He maybe isn’t the MEGA star QB he is sometimes perceived to be, he throws too many picks, but no one does more with less. He’s never had a great running game or defense, his WR corps is ho-hum, he is maybe 6 feet tall, he has an unfortunate growth on his face, but as long as he is on the team, they will have a chance to win. If that isn’t the definition of elite, well then I don’t know what is.

4. Ben Roethlisburger. I have no idea why people still doubt him. How bad have his Olines been? They are TERRIBLE, but he has a quick release, great pocket presence, he has something ridiculous like a 203-12 record and is crazy accurate. Sure he likes underage girls and is probably a huge dirtbag, but I’m not looking for him to raise my kids. He could be my QB any day of the week

5. Tony Romo. Tony Romo is the QB of the Dallas Cowboys and therefore is under the biggest microscope in the league. Has he had a couple late game meltdowns? Yep. Has he brought his team back from sure loss, with late game heroics? You betcha.  I think Romo is SO overrated that he is actually underrated and he just snuck in my “elite” division.

The "Pretty Damn Good" Division:

6. Eli Manning. To quote Primetime (Deion, not Joel)….I BELIEVE IN ELI. You think the Chiefs have had crippling injuries? Look at what the Giants have gone through, and yet they still lead the NFC East, because of Eli. Like Romo, I think people were so enamored with calling Eli overrated because of his brother that somehow he became underrated. Dude is having one of his best years.

7. Jay Cutler. Another guy  quietly having a very good year with absolutely no offensive line. I’m not there is a more unlikeable guy in the NFL right now. I hate his demeanor off and on the field, he comes off like he doesn’t give a shit…but you know what? He throws a very accurate ball. He has a horrible OC, no Oline, he’s throwing to a bunch of scrubs and a converted kick returner and is also having a great year.

8. Matt Schaub. Is any team flying farther under the radar than the 7-3 Houston Texans? They have the division wrapped up, playing great on both sides of the ball and haven’t missed a beat after losing their 2 best players (Andre Johnson and Mario Williams). Sure Schaub isn’t being asked to do much, but he is the 6th highest rated passer in the NFL right now, limiting his mistakes and putting the ball in his playmakers hands

The "Flawed, but a’aight" Division:

9. Matthew Stafford. Started like gangbusters, but your Detroit Lions are starting to fall back to earth. He is still having a good year despite having an awful game yesterday and looks like the injury bug has stung the portly ex-Bulldog.

10. Alex Smith. Game manager? Maybe. He has his team with a probably first round bye and has almost a 4:1 TD:int ratio. The 49ers absolutely have to get more out of the passing game and this probably is a little high for Smith but the turnaround with Harbaugh is remarkable in season 1.

11. Phil Rivers. Having a down year by his standards, still on pace for 5,000 yards.

12. Matt Hasselbeck. WHAT? Matt “Bald Asshole” Hasselbeck is the 12th best QB in the NFL? Probably not, but based on what he’s doing in 2011, I think he belongs here.  He has no running game and lost his only viable WR target and is still on pace for 4,000 yards with close to 30 TD’s.

The Kids

13 and 14. Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. I have no idea what order to put these cats in. Dalton has been amazing but is a souless ginger and Cam Newton has kind of fallen back to earth. I’d say Newton has done more with less, but Dalton has his team ready to make a playoff run when I thought they’d struggle to win 4 games.

The “took a step backers, but still talented” division:

15. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Conrats Mr. Fitzpatrick on your new contract. It’s a great feel good story about how a Rich white Harvard Graduate somehow found a way to become a multimillionaire. You better share that paper with Chan.

16. Joe Flacco. I’m glad I’m not a Ravens fan. It would seem like Flacco would be such a horrible roller coaster ride. He shit the bed vs the Jaguars and Seahawks but had a brilliant come from behind win against the Steelers. You’re in year 3 Joe, gotta step yo game up.

17. Mike Vick. He is what he is. A lifelong .500 QB who has flashes of brilliance, takes too many hits and can be inaccurate. Probably too low based on talent, but he’s definitely not earned his new contract.

18. Carson Palmer. This has the potential to either be much higher, or much lower, so I figure #18 is about right. If he is the Palmer we saw vs the Chargers, look out AFC West. That being said, if bad Carson shows up, looks like a horrible trade. This trade will either be unbelievable or a colossal clusterfuck, noting in between.

19. Matt Ryan. Is he really that good though? He is loaded with weapons and a power running game, he plays in dome and is putting up rather pedestrian numbers. He has appeared to have regressed but I guess I should add, I haven’t watched a lot of the kid play, but he (like Flacco) needs to step his game up.

20. Josh Freeman. Another young QB that has taken a step back this year. He still has all the tools in the world, he just needs to cut down on the big mistake. He has a young team around him but I believe he is a good nucleus to build around.

21. Sam Bradford. Injuries and inconsistent play has held Bradford back in year 2.

The "Not very good" Division:

22. Christian Ponder. It’s probably too early to label the kid as “not very good” but I don’t really like what I’ve seen from him in early action. He seems to get off his first read too early, then simply takes off when the play breaks down. He’s got the athleticism to be a great QB, I guess we’ll see.

23. Matt Moore. Wow, we are at #23 and we are already at Matt Moore. This tells me that while there are some very good QB’s in the NFL, there is also some really piss poor QB play

“They just find ways to win, not actually a good QB” division

24. Colt McCoy. Technically he could have fit in the “fallen back group”, but I never thought he was that good to start out with.

25. Tim Tebow. Just went 2-8 and is now 3-1 for the year. I have no idea. No one was a bigger fan of his in college, but he’s not good at this level.

The "Bad QB's" Division:

26. Kevin Kolb. Wow did Andy Reid fleece the Cards. He had maybe 2 good games as a starter so they trade a 2nd and a starting position player for him AND give him $60M???? He’s not good at all.

27. Tavaris Jackson. Somehow beat the Ravens over the weekend, but let’s not assume this means he’s a good QB, he’s slightly better than Clipboard Jesus, but that ain’t sayin’ much.

The “who the hell IS the starting QB division”????

28.  John Beck/Rex Grossman. Does it matter who is the starter? No, both are horrible.

29. Curtis Painter/Dan Orlovsky. Should be an exciting offseason with the Manning vs Luck debate.

The Franchise Killers:

30. Blaine Gabbert – Not an NFL starting QB, bad pick and once they are the Los Angeles Jaguars, I’m sure the new GM will pick their own QB and he’ll become a Jimmy Clausen…highly recruited, terrible QB

31. Mark SanchezJets should be challenging for a Superbowl in 2011. Why won’t they? Because Mark Sanchez is terrible. I defended him quite a bit because he does have 4 road playoff victories, but even if they had a serviceable QB, they would be almost unbeatable. Great Oline, playmakers all over the offense, aggressive coach, bad QB.  He does have a chance to become pretty good, but he’s already in year 3 of the same system and he hasn’t really taken any strides. Oh well, he’s still better than….

32. Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel is the worst QB in the NFL. He has all the weapons around him to have a Top 1 offense and cannot deliver. He’s not playing any better or any worse than he has the last 4 years in the NFL, he’s just been able to be hidden by great offenses in the past. There has been 100 excuses of why he hasn’t succeeded and I’m tired of all of them. He’s a great fella, I’m sure he’s a good teammate but he is not nearly talented enough and is holding this team back. Not only are we not winning now, but we are retarding the growth by holding our best players back while they are in their prime. I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of KCQB#7.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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