*Embarassed Vent Thread* where were the hot reads? hot drops?!?

You know, I don't know what to say, so I'll vent here.  Feel free to do the same...

WHY ARE WE DROPPING INTO BLITZES?  This has been said so often its insane.  I don't understand the 5 step, *pat* *read* *pat* SACK pass plays.  He gets hit not at the top of the drop but 1 second afterwards.. watch the tape, where are the 3 step drops, slants... hot reads that other NFL teams seem to have at their command.

1. We have HUGE receivers built for slants.

2. We have great catching backs - McCluster, McLain, even Jones has a rep for good hands.

3. We know Cassel can dink and dunk.  Hell, we complained about it the first three games, these past two games it would have LIT UP THE BLITZ. 

4. What is Muir thinking, can he not adjust a game plan?  I make better Madden adjustments on the fly than this Joker, and I'm nowhere hear a competent OC!  (Yeah I know.. Madden not real football, but still... where are the plays we used to call?!!?)

WE HAVE DROPITIS! AND OTHER SUCKY THINGS!  Don't blame this all on Cassel folks, receivers didn't bail him out, they dropped at least 5-6 crucial catches and still seemed confused on routes a couple of times.  I know, Cassel missed open receivers.  But, I saw more drops frankly.  Neither are acceptable.  Even when one WR makes a play - Baldwims behind the back snatch anyone? - another WR screws it up - Breason covered the TE!  Yes I know Baldwin had some drops.  Also not acceptable.

I think Dever's game plan stunk, I think Tim Tebow is going to get blown out, although if John Fox wants to run this offense, the big 12 QB he will take will be Colin Klein from KSU, who I think throws a better ball!  Klein would love to get drafted and Fox can fun the read option with a hometown son.  Go Klein!  HA HA.  (where's the sarcasm font)

But really, we should have blown them out.  Denver's offense is a gimmick, and will soon die its own stinky death.  A competent offense wins this game 21-17 with Tebow making it exciting.

WHERE FOR ART THOU ROMEO?,  ET AL.. Ok, so after halftime we shut them down mostly (except one big play... Flowers... what up with Decker just buring you?)  If you went to this game I can only imagine it was excruciating, and I am sorry you had to endure that.  D... come on man.  What happened.  You made Tim Tebow look like a Bill Snyder prodigy right after you made Matt Moore look like... Dan Marino (nod to Sound FX for that Haley quote).  You took Phyllis Rivers and the San Diego D to the house, and you let these folks score on you. 

I know we aren't Baltimore (ha) but at least help us out.  Don' drop picks Kendrick Lewis. Cover Flowers.  Argh.

I can't even bother with stats and things... I'm going to go scream now... a good primal YOP sometimes releases such anger.  I hope you do the same.

Vent away... Comment....   Rec it if you wanna keep it up top...



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