The Cassel's Been Breached!

I'm typically a fanshot kind of a guy, but today's offensive performance was so atrocious, I'm actually going to back up my complaints with statistics.  

Who do we call for?  Stanzi?  Palko?  A new offensive line?  I don't know.  But I do know that the QB is where it starts.  There have been plenty of great QBs who have had poor offensive lines that have been able to make something...anything...happen with their team.

So I want to talk about the notorious, infamous, oft-heralded, despised, loved, and despite it all extremely important statistic:  Yards Per Attempt.

Prior to this debacle at home against the Broncos, Matt Cassel had a YPA of 6.72, good enough to be ranked #24 in for NFL QBs.  In case you can't figure this out, that sucks!  That put a bevy of underwhelming QBs, including the likes of Matt Moore, Rex Grossman, Tarvaris Jackson, and the always underwhelming Mark Sanchez ahead of Cassel.  The good news, Tim Tebow had a 5.52 coming into this game.  Only Blaine Gabbert was lower with a 5.24.  

But then Cassel and Tebow play each other.  A battle of the ages one might say!

Cassel has 28 attempts for only 93 yards.  93?!!!!  (That's feigned shock.  The announcers said it so many times at the end of the game that I know it's true.)  That's a YPA of 3.32.  That is equivalent to a 3 and out every time.  Barely better than having LJ or TJ run the ball.

Tebow throws 8...yes only 8...times for 69 yards.  That means he has a YPA of 8.63.  Disgustingly that's off of 2 completions.  

YPA isn't everything, but it matters.  To be in the top 10, you need a YPA above 7.75.

So what does this mean?  Tebow leaps up to YPA of 5.76, while Cassel's YPA falls to 6.37.  Cassel falls 6 spots to be #30 in the league.  He falls below Flacco, Dalton, McNabb, Freeman, Beck, and just barely beats out Orton.  Tebow jumps up a spot to surpass Colt McCoy as #33. (These numbers don't factor in any other QB stats from today so I might end up being off by a spot here or there come Tuesday morning) 

Even the Broncos know that Tebow is NOT an NFL QB.  Today's game plan would have only worked against a really bad team...and it did.  Anyone know the last time a QB played a full game and only threw 8 times? (Don't think Cassel beat Tebow in yards of offense.  Passing & rushing, Tebow gave them 112 to Cassel's 109.)

But as much as we like to bag on Tebow for not being an NFL QB, Cassel ranks only 3 spots higher than Tebow now.   If Tebow is not an NFL QB, how can one continue to argue that Matt Cassel is either? 

I'm not going to argue Palko's YPA today, because it was garbage time, but kudos to him for making the most of less than 2 minutes of action!  

There's plenty of blame to go around today.  But it starts with the QB and our QB couldn't make anything happen.

It's time for a change.  Kansas City wants a QB who we can be excited about.  While we still are in the playoff hunt, give us a guy who might go out and win the game (Palko?  Stanzi?  I don't care, just choose one!) rather than a bottom of the barrel passer.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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