ugly "Fan" post





ug·ly [ úgglee ]


1.  unattractive: lacking appealing physical features, especially facial ones "one of the ugliest cities in Europe" "He was an exceedingly ugly man, and the painter didn't attempt to disguise the fact."

2.  potentially violent: having the potential to result in violence or hostility "an ugly mood"

3.  unpleasant: generally unpleasant or objectionable, or morally repulsive "a dull ugly afternoon" "Ugly rumors have been circulating about her private life."

Unattractive, unpleasant, and potentially ugly mood accurately describe the Chiefs, their play, and our feelings after these past two weeks. Its difficult to surmise how a team can go from thrashing the Raiders on the road 28-0, only to return home and have their backsides handed to them by a winless team, and a team incapable of doing anything on offense outside the option/QB keep. The year started rough. We lost a tremendous OC in Charlie Weis. We lost Brian Waters. And then we suffered consecutive blowout losses, combined with losing three of our best players to the ACL/IR epidemic. That was crushing for a hungry fanbase. We tasted victory last season. We took the title away from the Bolts and made the playoffs for the first time since 2003. And then we were promptly eaten alive by the Baltimore Ravens. We hung tough until halftime, and then we shot ourselves in the foot. And that was the ballgame.



Ironically this issue has continued. We witnessed it first hand today. We had plenty of opportunities and failed on 99% of them. The collective failure of this team and its inability to produce anything on a consistent basis, other than mediocrity, is a joke. We consistently fail to:

-Gameplan properly

-Get plays called in on offense

-Protect the QB

-Throw the ball effectively

-Catch (and our headcoach is supposed to be a WR Guru right?)

-Show up as a team wanting to win and be competitive in the NFL

These are just a few of the things that stand out to me. But the biggest of the two are the first and the last. It is our coach's responsibility to have this team ready to play. They are paid bookuu bucks to scout teams and strategize a gameplan against them. It is one of their most primary duties to prepare their team to stand against the oppositions' strengths, while exposing their weaknesses in an effort to maximize the chances of a win. Above this though, the coach's purpose is to give their team an identity. They are given the opportunity to put their stamp, their brand, on a team and make them into whatever they envision.



No team exemplifies this more than the San Francisco 49ers. One year and their mediocre QB has become a star. Their struggling defense turned into a freight train of pain. Jim Harbough has branded his new team into what he wants. A smashmouth titan driven to win through aggression from all angles. He finds a way to make the most of what he has. He recognizes his players strengths and weaknesses. He then uses those strengths to the benefit of his team.

We watched Hue Jackson do this with Darren McFadden last season. The results reaped major rewards for him in the form of a premier rushing attack, and a promotion to HC this season. 

So whats our deal here in KC? Haley is well into year three and we look eerily similar to his first season as Head Coach. In three years we have failed to establish any kind of identity on either side of the ball. We've played musical offensive coordinator every year, keeping our offense from gaining continuity and holding back our QB.

Haley's inexperience at the HC position is magnified by the inability to get plays called, constant sideline confusion, poor time management, and questionable decision making. He constantly fails to recognize even the obvious. Against SD, CB Antwoine Cason came into the game struggling after having been benched in favor of their rookie CB Marcus Gilchrist . When Quentin Jammer went out with cramping problems, Cason replaced him. Instead of recognizing and exploiting that weakness, Haley opted to run instead.

This should be no-brainer stuff for a professional coach in any sport. Unfortunately this type of thinking seems to prevail here and our team continues to suffer for it. In my opinion, we have a young team capable of winning big games. Or, at the very least, be competitive. What we lack is the desire and focus to commit to being that type of a team.

To summarize, this is a collective failing by our Head Coach and his coaching staff. I'm frustrated by the lack of discipline, attitude, consistency, and execution this team exhibits. I'm not going to address the Cassel lynching because I feel the blowout losses cannot be hung on just one player. Our coaches are the issue. Until we address that issue, we can look forward to more of the ugly rollercoaster we've been riding all season.

That might be okay with some, but I expect more out this team. Results are not always immediate in the NFL. But heading into three years and what looks like one fluke season, I'm questioning Haley's ability to lead. I can't help but feel we could be doing better with the talent we have. Unless you like ugly.



Give me your thoughts and be expressive.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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