The Mile High Messiah & 'Teebowing' (Tuesday Humor)

As the self-proclaimed BIGGEST Chiefs fan living in Denver, I have had front row seats for some of the best Donkey Drama in the last few years.  I have witnessed many Donkey happenings:  Brandon Marshall's multiple Larry Johnson impressions, Jay Cutler being remburesed for his country club membership because he refused to turn his hat around, Jay Cutler's departure, the whole Josh "Mr. Potatoe Head" McDaniels' failed experiment, and the rise and fall of Tim "The Tool" Teebow.  People here in Denver have praised him, chanted his name, and have even erected billboards to demand him to start.  Broncos' fans have found a personal attachment to Teebow, and all the while I think John Fox and the Denver Broncos organization are setting him up for failure. 

Don't get me wrong, I think the kid is an incredible athlete, community activist, and human being, but I also think he has been a product of the 'Hype Machine'.  Broncos fans and even many NFL analyists have placed lofty expectations on this young man and given him the reigns of a horrible team. 

No, I don't feel sorry for Mr. Teebow and I could never pretend to like the Broncos even if I lived here in Denver for another 3,000-years.  I only appreciate the Broncos for the rivalry; I love to hate them (and the Oakland Raiders as well as the San Diego Chargers of course).  After the jump I will touch on the newest but oldest craze, 'Teebowing'

Alright surely by now you have heard about 'Teebowing', which is just Tim Teebow dropping to a knee to pray.  People let it go, afterallhe is just expressing his Christian faith, which is fine.  Heck even Philip Rivers was seen praying on the sideline, but you don't hear people in San Diego calling it 'Rivering'.  I am annoyed and frustrated about having to hear about 'Teebowing'every single day.  So while I am okay with praying and Tim Teebow's faithand everyone having their own religious expression...I am not okay with anyone renaming 'praying'.

So you can agree or disagree with me, but I want Wikipedia's definition of 'Teebowing' to read as follows:

'Tee-Bow-Ing:  (verb) The individual act of knealing to and apologizing to God for playing embarassing football, asking for assistance in dealing with high expectations, or askingGod for enough strength to stay upright and breathing but not so much as to over throw every receiver 10-yards.'

Okay, okay maybe I am being to rough, but really I am just annoyed with everyone in the 'Teebowing' craze.  I know Tim Teebow will continue to work hard, pray hard, and play hard, but he can't save the Broncos...which is fine by me!!! 

With or without Tim Teebow under center on November 13th, I think our Kansas City Chiefs will continue to WIN!  Go Chiefs!!!

Disclaimer:  This post is supposed to be light-hearted and funny in mocking the name 'Teebowing' not the act of praying!!!  So if you take offense to this post, then you are taking everything wrong.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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