Chiefs vs Chargers: What I Saw

Another game, another victory.  Another game, another week Todd Haley doesn't get to shave.


This game was ugly but I will take ugly over a loss any day of the week.


Now my thoughts...

  • The Officiating Blew- Dex was on the damn ground before the ball came out. Matt Cassel's arm was going forward (Tuck Rule). That two point conversion should not have worked as the receiver did not have complete possession of the ball when he crossed it. Tamba was being held every play (happens in every game) and there was a clear facemask when Jackie Battle was tackled.  I was almost sure this game was rigged and still do (The Chiefs didn't cover).
  • Play Calling needs to be changed- It is taking WAY too long to get plays in.  It needs to go through two people and no more.  Send it from Muir to Haley to Cassel.  Too many stalls thanks to this.  Get it fixed.
  • The Chargers are still Chokers- All the Chiefs mistakes and they still lost.  When they were in range, Phyllis Rivers finds a way to lose.  When they got the ball back in OT, they go 3 and Out.  A good team would take that chance and drive down field to win.  I knew going into this that the Chargers were not going to win due to the history they have with big games.  AFC Championship and couldn't get it done, last year against the damn Bungles with the AFC West Championship on the line and now this game.
  • Matt Cassel is clutch- Yep I said it.  When you need him to drive down the field to win, he will do it.  Talk about passion.  When we needed him to put this team on his back, he will do his best and 7 out of 10 times, he will win.  He drove this team in OT to get the win.  He had his best day as a Chief against the Colts after being down 17-0.  He may not have fancy numbers but when he is on the field and fired up, the whole team reacts.
  • Comical- One of the moments I found funny was during the fumble recovery.  The refs are digging through the pile and Andy Studebaker is three yards back with the ball.  Kind of OT but I had to say it.
  • Rivers is still a crybaby- You want to cry, get the hell out.  Phillip Rivers showed exactly why he is not elite.  When you complain about every damn touch, you are not elite.  Hell even Blaine Gabbert took blame for the loss and he is rookie.  I knew he was going to lose it but damn.  "Worst day ever."  Yep it was the worst day ever to be a Chargers fan.  You had the chance to finish the game off and you choke.

Any other win we get from here on out is gravy.  To go from 0-3 to 4-3 is just amazing. 


Those so called "analysts" can kiss my skinny white behind.  The fact is that the Chiefs were the better team.  They went out there and won.  They made their fair share of mistakes but they wanted the win.


Matt Cassel doubters should GTFO.  That beautiful pass to Jonathon Baldwin was beautiful.  He led this team to victory. 


By the time I finish typing this it is going to be almost 600 words so I am going to finish with one last thing.


The Chiefs Will Win!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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