Chiefs at Colts: What I Saw

Another week and another win.  That feels good.


We saw the continuation of the last two weeks.  Now my thoughts....

  1. Unleash the Axe- Jackie Battle was AWESOME.  He had 19 carries for 119 yards.  While that may not seem like much, that is 6.3 YPC!!!  Those are Jamaal Charles numbers folks.  He sealed the game last week and then did the same this week with that last carry.  While I doubt he can put these up on a weekly basis, I think we found TJ's replacement.  He is 28 and while that is ancient for a RB, he has only had short yardage situations and Special Teams play.  Battle Axe, Battle Charge (the nickname the announcer gave him) or whatever you call him, I call him the MVP of the Week.  He seems to have lost that fumbling issue he had.
  2. It seems that the NFL is out to get the Chiefs- The no review last week and some uncalled against the Colts this week.  The officiating sucked.  The face mask penalty should NOT have offset.  That is a personal foul.  It seemed the only calls that we got in favor were the horse-collar that laid Javier Arenas out and the pass interference that had no meaning because it was a TD.
  • Colts Secondary got abused- There was not a corner on that roster that could cover Dwayne Bowe.  I knew it was going to be that way but didn't realize that bad.  Bowe was having a field day stiff arming those guys.  They could not catch Steve Breaston on foot and couldn't cover Bowe.  Even the screens to Jones they were not doing well.
  • No TE abuse- Normally TE's are our Achilles Heel but Dallas Clark was a non-factor.  I thought that he would be Curtis Painter's main target but he had 2 or 3 drops.
  • Killer B's are going to be good- Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine adding Battle to anything.  Now with Battle added into the offense and Jonathan Baldwin coming, this is going to be explosive.  Both Bowe and Breaston did excellent with 2 TD's a piece and Jackie Battle pulled us out of some holes.  It is time to see what else they can do.
  • No Field Goals- Yep you heard that right, not a damn field goal this week.  Ryan Succop was used for the kickoffs and extra points.  Nice to see that.  NEXT!!!
  • Slow starts have to go- It wasn't until the 2nd Quarter did the Chiefs find their vibe.  Sooner than usual but still.  The Chiefs were down 17-0 and then Cassel hooked up with Breaston.  The defense stalled but Romeo Crennel worked his magic and kept the Colts to a big fat goose egg in the second half.  Brandon Flowers showed his injury and well yeah.
  • Lack of pressure- Going into this I thought that Tamba Hali would have a field day.  He got double and triple teamed so that is understandable.  Justin Houston nearly got a sack and had Painter held on for another second it would have been a sack.  We need to make Jason Campbell uncomfortable in two weeks.  Romeo will more than likely work on that.
  • Matt Cassel- I want to end this on a good note.  In the last 3 weeks he has had 7 TD's and only 1 INT.  He has shown to be able to sling the ball a nice distance and while he may not be "The One" he is our best chance at winning now.  He put the game in his hands and is not going out without a fight.  Time to build and keep this going.
  • The Chiefs can still do well.  There are a lot of now favorable games ahead.  We may need some luck but I see two games that may end up being losses, the others are as winnable as they can get.


    People say that Haley has lost the locker room.  I sure as hell haven't seen it these last couple of weeks.  Todd Haley has overcome this.  He is the right guy for the job.


    And normally I am not superstitious but when I put on the shirt I currently have on, the Chiefs were down 17-0.  I put on the shirt I now wear on game days and they go 28-7.  The shirt I am wearing is blue and white by the way.


    Unless I either do not leave before the next game or catch it online, this could be my last "What I Saw".  I plan on continuing these as long as possible.

    This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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