NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Arrowhead Pride Edition

KANSAS CITY MO - OCTOBER 24: Running back Jackie Battle #26 of the Kansas City Chiefs carries the ball over the top of the defense to score a touchdown during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 24 2010 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Any week the Chiefs win is a good week in football and this is the first week that the Chiefs jumped up in our power rankings!

In the edition before the season started we had the Chiefs sitting pretty at 11th.  I stated previously that the last few weeks we haven't been Chiefs homers.  Well, this week was another story.  If you want to find out how please read after the jump.

The Packers are still strong at number one.  A couple teams are biting at their heels but until the Packers lose I don't see them giving up the number one spot.  I think the good teams are starting to separate from the bad ones.  There were 5 teams that stayed the same ranking as last week.

There were two ties this week.  The first tie was between the Ravens and Texans.  The second tie was between the Jets and Redskins.  As always I took out the best and worst ranking from these teams.  I then averaged out the remaining rankings to find the more consistent team.  The Ravens and Jets won their respective match-up.

The highest jump belongs to the Chiefs this week climbing 7 spots.  Yes, we are now homers.  The Biggest fall goes to Cowboys, Dolphins, and Raiders.  Each one of those teams dropped 6.  Remember, the number after the team's name is their average ranking.  Also, each panel member was responsible for a division to write about.  If you have any concerns please contact upamtn.

1.  Green Bay Packers (1.3)

As long as the defending champs keep winning it will be tough for them not to be in top spot.

2.  New Orleans Saints (2.5)

Saints are still good. Nothing to see here.

3.  New England Patriots (3.1)

The Patriots are back on form after beating an upcoming Raiders team.  Their defense still needs work to be the best team in the league.

4.  Detroit Lions (4.6)

Beating a pretty good Dallas team on the road might mean this team is for real. 8 wins in a row doesn't hurt either.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (5.1)

The Ravens' defense just destroyed Mark Sanchez and gang. In fact the Ravens' defense (18) scored more point than either team's offense (NYJ: 12; BALT 6).

6.  Houston Texans (5.1)

Imagine how good this team would be if everyone was healthy at the same time.  Texans can coast to division title with ease.

7.  San Diego Chargers (7.9)

With the Broncos next, 4-1 looks like a distinct possibility.

8.  Buffalo Bills (8.1)

The Bills have the Eagles and Giants coming up in their schedule.  If they want to stay on pace with the Patriots they need to win these two.

9.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10.6)

Their defense made Painter look good. Or maybe Painter's better than we thought.

10.  New York Giants (10.8)

Miracle in Scottsdale? Another scrambling late game win for the G-Men who keep on finding ways to get it done.

11.  Pittsburgh Steelers (11.9)

Good news: The Steelers played good old-fashion Steelers defense against the high-powered offense of Houston. Bad news: Roethlisberger's interception at the end of the game clinched the game for the Browns, and the Steelers lost the turnover battle again.

12.  New York Jets (13.4)

The Jets just looked awful against the Ravens.  I stated recently the Jets might just be an average team with above average talent.

13.  Washington Redskins (13.4)

This team is so unimpressivly effective. It's painfully boring to watch but I guess wins are wins.

14.  Chicago Bears (13.8)

I still don't know what to think about this team. Are they good or aren't they? I know Hester is.

15.  Tennessee Titans (14.1)

Signs of life in Music City? Nah, not this year ... rebuilding is going to be a long, slow process here.

16.  San Francisco 49ers (14.3)

After a come from behind victory against the free-falling Eagles, the suddenly 3-1 49ers have joined teams like Detroit, Buffalo, Tennessee, and Washington among the ranks of the biggest surprises of the season.  Whether they're for real probably still remains to be seen.

17.  Atlanta Falcons (16.3)

The most unimpressive 2-2 team ever? They played a terrible Seattle team, had +2 turnover differential in the game, and still barely won.

18.  Dallas Cowboys (16.6)

Romo threw 5 touchdown passes and still lost? Unfortunately 2 of them were to the other team a keyed a bigtime comeback by the Lions.

19.  Oakland Raiders (17.9)

Oakland started hot, but turnovers and penalties doomed Oakland. Huge game at Houston this week.

20.  Philadelphia Eagles (21.2)

Three straight double digit fourth quarter leads, three straight losses. Did Vick really need to come out and say they weren't the "Dream Team" anymore?

21.  Cincinnati Bengals (21.4)

This young team could not have played a better game against the previously unbeaten Buffalo Bills. In fact, they have looked good in 3 of 4 games.

22.  Cleveland Browns (21.8)

There is no way anybody is going to win throwing the football 61 times; not that they had any choice. Cleveland got dominated by a veteran team on both sides of the football, and the scoreboard showed throughout the game.

23.  Arizona Cardinals (22.8)

Thanks to Victor Cruz (and, some would argue, the refs) the Cardinals are 1-3.  That makes Sunday's bout against the Vikings that much more important for Arizona.  Luckily for them, it should be a very winnable game.

24.  Carolina Panthers (23.2)

I thought the Panthers would be good if they just got a decent QB. I was wrong.

25.  Kansas City Chiefs (25.6)

Kansas City got a huge win on Sunday. With Indy next, can the Chiefs claw back in the AFC West race?

26.  Jacksonville Jaguars (26.1)

Still hoping for Blaine Gabbert to break out and have a great season, but not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

27.  Seattle Seahawks (26.9)

Seattle was surprisingly competitive against a struggling Atlanta team, but couldn't get the win.  They'll need to take it up at least one more notch if they want to pull off the upset against the Giants this weekend.

28.  Denver Broncos (27)

At Green Bay is as tough as it gets. Can Denver surprise the nation and beat San Diego this week?

29.  St. Louis Rams (29.8)

I still think the Rams are more a victim of their tough schedule than they are a truly terrible team.  But the fact of the matter is that good teams win games.  If they can't right the ship coming out of the bye week, they're likely to be left in the dust in the NFC West race.

30.  Minnesota Vikings (29.9)

This team has a lot of problems. How long until the fans in Minnesota get to see Ponder?

31.  Miami Dolphins (30.6)

The Dolphins have a bye week coming up and they need it.  They need to figure out what is wrong with their team.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (31)

Oh my, how the once mighty has fallen.  Must be hard for SuperManning to even watch this team right now.

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