Week Five Match-Up: Indianapolis Colts

Another weekly breakdown and it feels better after a win.  This week we take on the 0-4 Colts at their house.  We've always had trouble beating the Colts.  The biggest difference this year is that we don't face Peyton Manning.  We need this win against a worst team to get back on track.

I'll look at the passing, rushing, special teams, coaching, and the x - factor.  I'll try to be as unbiased as possible when looking at the breakdown.


Chiefs QB:  Matt Cassel

Colts QB:  Curtis Painter

The Colts are 26th in the league in passing yards per game.  The Chiefs are 30th in passing yards per game.  The Colts have given up just over 1000 yards through the air.  The Chiefs have given up 971 yards through the air.  Painter has 2 touchdowns and has been sacked 5 times.  He has a 43.9 passing completion percentage only completing 18 passes on 41 attempts.  Matt Cassel has 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.  Cassel has been sacked 8 times in 4 games.  He has a 64.9 passing completion percentage but only 6.2 yards per attempt.  The Colts front seven are pretty good.  Their secondary however are less than stellar.  The Chiefs have had injuries but seem to be coming together on their defense.

When The Chiefs Pass:  Chiefs

When The Colts Pass:  Tie


Chiefs Running Backs:  Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster

Colts Running Backs:  Joseph Addai, Delone Carter

The Colts are 28th in the league with 83 yards per game on the ground.  The Chiefs are 14th in the league with just under 111 yards per game on the ground.  The Colts have allowed 133 rushing yards per game.  The Chiefs have allowed 130 rushing yards per game.  I would say this would be a tie but since the Chiefs held AP to under 90 yards rushing I'll give them the edge.

When The Chiefs Run:  Chiefs

When The Colts Run:  Chiefs


Chiefs Special Teams:  Ryan Succop, Dustin Colquitt, PR/KR Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster

Colts Special Teams:  Adam Vinatieri, Pat McAfee, PR/KR Blair White, Joe Lefeged

Vinatieri has only missed one field goal so far while Succop redeemed himself against the Vikings.  McAfee's punting average is quite a bit higher than Colquitt's.  The punt returns are almost non-existent for the Colts team while Arenas has almost 21 yards per return.  The Chiefs kick return average is also better than the Colts.  The Colts kickers are doing better.  The Chiefs returners and coverage team are better.

Special Teams:  Tie


Chiefs Coaches:  Todd Haley, Bill Muir, Romeo Crennel

Colts Coaches:  Jim Caldwell, Clyde Christensen, Larry Coyer

Is Jim Caldwell a good coach or only seem that way because Manning is on the team?  Now that we get to see the team losing we find out the real Caldwell.  The Colts are falling apart whereas the Chiefs are starting to make progress from the first two games--coaching wise.  Romeo is also getting his defense worked up.

Coaching:  Chiefs


The Colts haven't won a game yet and are looking hungry for their first win against a less than spectacular team.  The Chiefs are coming off their first win looking to ride the momentum against what many call the worst team in the league.  The Chiefs are pumped up enough to beat a bad Colts team on the road.  The Colts are also looking at a short week to prepare for the Chiefs.

X - Factor:  Chiefs


So far I am 2-2 in picking the Chiefs game this year.  I was right about last week and even predicted the score 25 to 17.  I won't totally sleep on the Colts since they are at home.  However, the Chiefs are fired up (thanks Haley and Cassel) and the Colts are on a short week.  The Chiefs will win pretty convincingly in my opinion.

Winner:  Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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