What are the Odds?: A Non-Betting Guy's Take on The Chiefs

I just had a discussion with a fellow AP'er last night and he addressed my optimism with a statement; here paraphrased; 'You must not be the betting type'.

He's right! However, if I were to bet; I would say we win more games than lose this season.

Now calm down, quiet please!

Yes, a winning season.

Take a look. 

 This team is getting better as the weeks progress. And with the Kansas City Chiefs schedule ahead here's why I would bet, if I was a betting guy!

 Indy lost last night and I did not witness it, however, that is a winnable game, as long as we play them as if Peyton is under center, they are desperate, so we must play them all out, but still a possible win.

 Next up; Oakland with a good run game. After Indy comes a bye week, that's TWO weeks to scout their running attack; aaaaand they are the Raiders.

 Miami is a good chance for us!

 Broncos can be beaten at Arrowhead.

 Patriots are an almost certain loss I’ll give ya, but that could be a sleeper.

 Pittsburgh is about as beat up as we are, and it’s not a sure loss...Arrowhead advantage.

 Bears can be taken at their house, just keep it a mile and a half away from Hester and unleash Tamba and young man Houston; who is coming along quickly. Cutler can be totally mind raped that day.

 The Jets? Low end maybe, odds against, but you never know what the foot sniffer and Dirty Sanchez could do to screw it up. Plus, Tommy J could also be a factor with a chip on his shoulder.

 Packers are here and who knows what we’ll see at Arrowhead, but I pray it’s not the Green and Gold I witnessed back in 07. This is a probable loss.

 Then Raiders next and at OUR HOUSE; we’ll remember last year, I’ll take the 50/50.

 Then we finish in Denver; that’s a 50/50 on the away game.

 So 8 more wins are a fair possibility, and it’s still early in the season; implosions can happen to any team, not just us, so a wild card at 9 & 7 is a possibility. Plus if the Chargers finally pull a complete Norv-Dive, and we deal with the Raiders and Donks, the AFC West is a small investment long-shot. They all have to play their 12 games too.

 We got Baldwin coming up in the next few weeks, if not sooner. We'll see a cleared out Middle with BALDY on the fly route, Bowe will be one on one while Breaston shoots from the slot with McCluster in the backfield or on the flat.

 Cassel will get better under Zorn; he is finally starting to show signs of getting over the regression of learning Zorn’s techniques. If you play music, or sports, you know that there is always a struggle when employing new techniques into your repertoire before they become instinct.

 Enjoy the show.

 P.S. I only have 20 bucks on the over .500.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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