Disloyal or Very Loyal

Recently, I interviewed for a new coaching position and I could not help myself but take a quick look at the interviewee's notes.  He wrote: "Loyal as a dog".

I take pride in being extremely loyal whether it is with my family, coaching, students, IU fan, and Chiefs fan.  We all love the Chiefs here and have different stories as to why we are loyal Chiefs fans.  Growing up in Upstate NY sporting a Jim Kelly jersey did NOT feel right to me so around 4th grade I asked my dad for Kansas City Chiefs winter jacket and football.  When he asked me "Why?" -- I pointed to a poster of Derrick Thomas in my room.

I'm loyal.  My wife hates how loyal I am because I get so emotionally invested into games that it impacts my whole day(s) after each game. 

Most of you know that my favorite player is Eric Berry and I even got a rise out of Stevie Johnson on twitter after he took a cheap shot to EB (yes it was legal, but cheap).  That really crushed me more then losing to Buffalo.  My favorite guy -- Gone! (Danny Matthews voice).  Then Week 2, JC blows out his knee.  On top of that we started out our season without our stud TE.

Sitting at 0-3, I would be on of the last people to say "pack it in".  But I did...

Does that make me unloyal?  I don't think so.  Let me explain....

The perfect storm has hit the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Moeaki - OUT
  • Berry - OUT
  • Charles - OUT
  • GM and Coach - Not on the same page
  • 0 - 3 start
  • Difficult Schedule
  • Coming off a playoff season
  • Very young team
  • Poor QB play by Matt Cassel

Sitting outside Arrowhead, I told my buddies that I hope we lose and after that W I said that I had mixed emotions.  It was a weird feeling not being pumped about a W.  Why?  Because if there is ONE year to pack it in this is the year.  I honestly do not see this team being a playoff team not because we don't have the talent, but rather because we LOST a lot of talent.  So yeah... I was one of those fans out there secretly cheering for McNabb to win it at the end.  I went from handing out high 5's for Bowes great TD and Tamba's sack to hoping McNabb could pull it off.

I am an Indiana University grad.  My wife is from Indiana.  For years I have had to deal with Peyton Manning's greatness and the Colts consistently making the playoffs and being a tough team.  I hated the Colts fans and Peyton Manning.  Why?  Because I WANT an elite QB. 

The number one pick in the NFL Draft 2012 will be Andrew Luck because he has clearly shown he is the most polished QB coming out of the college ranks since Manning.  The Chiefs have the potential to have a QB to take them to the top tier level in the NFL for years. 

Does wanting Andrew Luck to be a Chief knowing what has happened to the Chiefs in Week 1 - 3 unloyal?  I just don't think so.  I see the big picture and I am being realistic.  Big picture is that Cassel is not the answer because his inability to make the throws and go through his progressions and realistic because 0-3 teams rarely make the playoffs.

So if the #Suck4Luck group gets what we want and Andrew Luck becomes a Chief, then check out KC Chiefs in the 2012 Draft:

  1. Andrew Luck - QB
  2. Jamal Charles - RB
  3. Eric Berry - SS
  4. Tony Moeaki - TE




Those are players we didn't have playing in 2011 that we will have in 2012.  Package in the signings of Flowers and Hali... this could be an elite team for years.

Not to mention, if we have the number one pick, we probably will have a new head coach that does NOT butt heads with the GM.  I believe that would be a plus for the team and I have nothing against Haley. 

I know not all number one picks are amazing and there are some bust, I just do not see Luck being a bust at all.  Look at his numbers, look at his highlights, and know that he is doing all this as the main play caller for Stanford.  That one handed catch?  He called that play.  Luck runs the Stanford offense like Manning ran the Colts offense.  He calls the shots.

If you can see this 2011 Chiefs team making the playoffs this year, then go ahead and cheer them on and let me know why you think they can make the playoffs.  But if you do NOT see this as a playoff team, wouldn't you rather have Andrew Luck for years or would you rather have Matt Cassel representing your beloved Chiefs. 

If there was one year to bite the bullet as a fan and to pack it in... this would be year in my opinion and that does NOT make me unloyal.  Just remember all the players that are currently out that we would get back.  You add Andrew Luck in that discussion this team will be even stronger than last years team.  That is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL.

Trust me, this is not fun but what I believe is better for the teams future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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