Well, that was fun!

How many of you wish that the Chiefs would put an entire game together and stop playing an awful first half and a decent second half?  If we could've put an entire game together, we would've won by at least two touchdowns (not exaggerating).  Again, with compliments to ESPN's play-by-play, let's look at the numbers and see just how we really could've K'd some serious A...

First possession:

1st and 10 at MIN 11 J.Battle right end to MIN 11 for no gain (EJ.Henderson). PENALTY on KC-B.Albert, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at MIN 11 - No Play. Penalty on KC-T.Copper, Offensive Holding, declined.

***We have the ball at the 11 yard line with a chance to take an early 7-0 lead.  What happens?   15 yard penalty.  Offense can't recover...Succop FG.

Third possession (punted on second):

2nd and 6 at MIN 6 (Shotgun) M.Cassel pass incomplete short right to D.Bowe.    
3rd and 6 at MIN 6 (Shotgun) M.Cassel pass incomplete short middle to L.McClain.


***This is the possession that lead to the Cassel vs. Haley spat on the sideline.  First, let's look at the most important thing: we have to score a TD when we're inside the 10 yard line.  Plain and simple.  On a side note, it seems that people are gung-ho about Cassel again after the second half yesterday, but I still am not buying in yet.  See the rest of the possessions to see why.

 After some mixed results (fourth possession=FG to end first half, fifth=punt, sixth=Succop's 54 yarder)...

Sixth possession:

3rd and 2 at MIN 4 M.Cassel pass incomplete short right to L.McClain (J.Sanford).

***Does that look familiar?  Oh's because the Chiefs were inside the Vikings' 10 yard line AGAIN and still couldn't get a TD.  Heck, we only needed two yards for a first down and at least three more shots at a TD.

The remaining possessions: Seventh= Bowe TD, Eighth= punt, Ninth= Victory formation

***After viewing the info, let's look at what's important:

Cassel and the boys definitely showed some improvement,  but I must see this on a more consistent basis.  However, what I am discouraged about is that we had the ball inside the Vikings' 15 yard line on three different occassions, yet only ended up with 9 total points. 

My point is simple: We got lucky yesterday.  I was extremely happy and sported my KC gear here in Indiana proudly (during and after the game).  However, we can't expect to win many games if we can't figure out how to score touchdowns in the Red Zone.  If we could've converted TD's instead of FG's in the Red Zone, we're talking about 12 more points on the board, making the final score 34-17.  Even more important than that, when you look at timing within the game, that would've meant Bowe's TD made the score 34-10.  Big difference, isn't it?  Instead of squeaking out a 5 point victory, we would've been cruising towards a blowout.

The bottom line is that right now, the Chiefs are taking the "Red" in Red Zone too seriously.  We moved the ball nicely yesterday, but once we got into the red zone, we stopped (...definitely not a profound analogy, I know, but work with me here!).  For us to have any kind of success this year (let's not get ahead of ourselves people, we're still 1-3), we have to figure out how to convert inside the 20 (or the 10 or 5 for that matter).

Regardless, I'm happy that we got the W.  I'm really hoping we get another one this week in Indy (It'd sure help get people off of my back in Indiana).


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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