Time to Shutdown the Power

In this rollercoaster of a season, our Kansas City Chiefs have gone from Luck bound to being in the AFC West title race.  We got beat by two great teams and by one that is the biggest underachieving team in the NFL.  Then we beat the Vikings and the sucktastic Colts.


We have broken the Indy Curse and the Bye Week Curse.  One curse to go and more on that at a later date.


The greatest victory in terms of wins was this past week against the Jokeland Faiders.  If you are a fan and have lived under a rock for the last three days then I will make it short.  28-0 Chiefs in the Black Hole.  Enough said.


Now we get the team that could be blamed for the Chiefs resurgence, the San Diego Chargers.

The last time the Chiefs played the Chargers, they lost by a field goal.  I wouldn't actually call it a loss, as in theory, they showed that they are not going roll over and play dead.


That day, "Senor Whoosy Pants" Phyllis Rivers got knocked around like a ping-pong ball.  The Chiefs team learned a lot about themselves and improved in almost every statistic category.


Outside of Antonio Gates, not much has changed for them.  They will be down a Left Guard and so Tamba shall feast even more.  Rivers head shall implode from the voice of a large Arrowhead crowd and a possible first and forty-five should the refs pay attention.


A few more reasons:

  1. Chargers are Chokers: In must win games they choke.  An example is last season.  They had to beat the Bengals to stay in the hunt.  They could not do it even though the Bengals were horrible and they sealed their fate.
  2. They are not that good- I saw on another site that a Raiders fan admitted that the Chiefs are the only team that has actually improved.  The Chargers have not beaten a team with a winning record.  While KC has beaten one (Raiders).  When the Chargers have won, they won by a score of 79-74.  The Chiefs have won their games by a score of 78-41.  Even with that 1 extra win, they have only scored an extra one point.  I won't go into the losses because that is going to work in the Chargers' favor thanks to the first two weeks.
  3. Improvement-  The Chiefs since getting their arrowheads handed to them in Detroit have done well.  They have made QB's miserable and stopped two RB's that could have run all over them.  The offense has overcome the losses of Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki and the Defense improved without Eric Berry.  The Chargers have looked mediocre all together.  The score may look differently but something isn't right with them.  Rivers looks awful and the Defense can't stop the run (which is going to bite them).
  4. The Arrowhead Factor- The stadium is going to be loud.  The AFC West lead is on the line and the fans will rock the place.  Arrowhead is the second loudest stadium in my book (Qwest Field is first).  The 12th Man will be in full effect and could cause a few false starts and offsides, which will frustrate Rivers.  When Rivers is pissy, he makes mistakes.  Given the fact that the Chiefs have stopped the run consistently, Rivers is going to throw and throw picks.  This is the number 1 factor.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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