After all the talk about how "bad" Kyle Boller is, and how "rusty" Carson Palmer was (I think he's just like he was... getting old), how bout the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS SECONDARY!  I mean come on, give them some props, because we have all complained at them for making bad QBs look good in the past. Credit the deserving.

and Hey Misters Bird and Beard - Kendrick Lewis is a STARTER, he did not replace Eric Berry.  Get it right.

official recongition after the jump...

Tied for second with the franchise record for six INTs Sunday...  the list of the pickers

Travis "Did you know I played in 16 games in 2010" Daniels  one for no pass defensed

Jon "yeah I'm still here - and I ain't Sabby" McGraw  one pick for no yards... one pass defensed, SIX tackles-FIVE solo

Brandon "Throws to your 2nd WR get picked too...OOPS" Carr one for two yards...two passes defensed, one tackle - one solo

Kendrick "Shattering the NFL dreams of Kyle Boller" Lewis  one 59 yards to the pass defensed, FIVE tackles-THREE solo

Brandon "Get that sh%t outta my face chump" Flowers TWO picks - 52 yards total and one to the HOUSE, THREE passed defensed, THREE tackles THREE solo... and a damn good choice to interfere on a blown coverage.

That's six picks,  two TDs and those folks defensed eight other passes, fifteen tackles - twelve solo.

All without their leader, Eric Berry - one of the best safeties in the game.  Get well Eric.  I just think these folks deserve some recognition for a great day and taking advantage of a favorable situation and just putting the smack down.  Its the NFL, and they did their jobs for sure.  That's all we ask as fans, so congrats to the secondary for putting on a hard hat in the Black Hole and getting it done.

So give them all a rec folks!!!  I hope they take more pictures soon.  :)


Good Star story on the subject :

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