Vikings at Chiefs: What I Saw

From the FanPosts -Joel

It feels good to not have to say "Another game, another loss" for once. The win was sloppy but, hey, we got it done.

My thoughts...

  1. Injury? What injury?- While Brandon Flowers looked slower than normal, he looked to be in tip top shape.  Had I not known he had that injury last week, I would not have noticed it at all.  This was the same injury that took the fire from Dex last season.
  2. Mr. Irrelevant just got the fire turned down- After last week, I wanted Ryan Succop's head on my wall.  I was impressed with his play today.  He missed a key FG last week from 38 yards and seemed to take what he said to the media to the field.  Three of the five he made were 40 or more, including a 54 yarder that made my jaw drop.
  3. Rocket Man- That is my nickname for Dustin Colquitt.  Just when you thought the Vikings were going to get good field position, he launched a rocket that pinned them inside the 15.  Punters are SO underrated as they can really make or break a game.
  • The Optimist- Le'Ron McClain went in there and broke up the battle between Matt Cassel and Todd Haley.  This guy is a class act and has done his job with no complaints.  Every time the Chiefs get down, he picks everyone back up.  With Thomas Jones being about done, we could use a guy like him.  We have Jackie Battle but this guy is just on another level.
  • All Day?- Even though my fantasy team took a hit with him not getting far, I was happy to see them practically shut down Adrian Peterson.  All Day got under 100 yards rushing.  Kudos to DJ to holding his own.  I was scared that AP would have a big day.
  • Tamba Assault Continues- Tamba Hali made Donovan's day miserable.  Tamba got two sacks but came close another five times.  McNabb was throwing the ball many times as he was getting taken down.  He may not be #58 but he showed spurts of being the next DT for the Chiefs.  It may have been a contract year last year but he is not the "WR that shall not be named."
  • Whatever Haley did to Matt, keep on- After McClain broke that fight up, Matt Cassel played like he did last year.  He had a beautiful 52 yard TD pass to Bowe and put up 260 yards on the day.  Most of those in the second half.
  • WTF happened to the D- Towards the end of the game, the defense looked like it ran out of gas.  Brandon Flowers, I can understand, but the defense had plenty of time to rest up throughout the game.  Made no sense.
  • Tight Ends- No matter how hard we try, without Eric Berry the tight ends are killing us.  They could have thrown to Visanthe Shiancoe the whole game.  It is time to work on that as they have to deal with Dallas Clark next week.
  • Improvement- This team has improved ever since the end of the first half against the Chargers.  While I do not see the Chiefs winning the division, I see them going 7-9 or 8-8 this season barring any major injuries.  We get a Colts team that are throwing the season for Luck (yes I said it) and then the bye week. KC ain't getting Andrew Luck. We may draft a QB but it ain't going to be Luck, Barkley or Landry.  That guy I hear all the time about is a possibility.
  • I grade the Chiefs performance a solid B+.  Yes KC faced a winless team but that team was more than capable of winning any of those first three games.  The Vikings will be the Bills of this year.  Better than their record shows.

    This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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