Haley being Haley

I am posting this on the side as I did not feel this was front page worthy.

I am writing this off the cuff as a reaction to the weekly rumblings regarding Jon Baldwin's active/inactive status. I live here in the northeast, right in the heart of Red Sox Nation. When the recent events were chronicled by the Boston Globe regarding the clubhouse behavior/laissez-faire managing/everything else, these were verified and printed. They were documented events verified by even Jon Lester himself on the local radio.

Why then, EVERY WEEK, do Chiefs fans SPECULATE and make bold claims as to what the reason(s) is/are for Baldwin's inactivity? There have been no reports or confirmations of such claims yet it's the same thing every week.

Question #1: At ANY point, has it been verified that Baldwin is inactive because Coach Haley is DELIBERATELY keeping him out in some sort of crazy mind game that one might see in the "Saw" series of films?

NO. Why then, every single week, do people spout off with things like, "Haley needs to put his ego in check" or "Enough with the mindgames" or "I'm sick of Haley doing this to us". As if his job is to please our desire to see Baldwin play. There has been zero evidence to this point that this has anything to do with a coach with an ego or a doghouse or anything of that nature. If someone can find it, please bring it forward. Because the arguments for it so far stink.

Question #2: At ANY point, has Coach Haley or his staff, DELIBERATELY put this team in a position to fail?

NO. Why then do the insinuations come forward every week that Haley is keeping Baldwin off the roster out of spite? As if Jon Baldwin is the sole reason why we aren't putting up 50 a game, and Coach is nuts for keeping him inactive. The decision gets made by a GROUP of people including (but not limited to) the Head Coach, OC, WR Coach, ST Coordinator. Are they ALL missing something? Do people actually believe that? And do people actually believe the other coaches don't have input on who is active and who is not? Why then, every week is this collective informed decision put on the coach, when obviously they have evidence as to why Baldwin should not be active?

Question #3: In any of the 5 games this year, at any point, can you say, "Darn, if Baldwin were out there we'd be so much better off."?

NO. Not a single game has come down to our #3 receiver. Everyone (including me) wants to see Baldwin play. I really really want to see him play. But we have won with him, we have lost with him and until he plays, the games will still go on with or without him. I feel like I'm in friggin Hoosiers and the townspeople cannot believe Jimmy Chitwood isn't playing because of stupid old Coach Dale. 

Last Question: Why do we feel that we deserve to know info that should be staying behind closed doors?

Why, when this happens, are we getting our pitchforks and rifles out and demanding justice? The team doesn't owe us any information it doesn't feel like sharing. If it's discipline, if it's talent, whatever. The team does not OWE us anything. The sooner we all get a grip on this and the sooner we all stop the conspiracy theories, the better off we will be.

And since someone had the guts to say in a thread that Coach Haley has not done a thing for this team, let me ask you this: Against the Colts, how many 1-3 teams would give that effort that we saw in the 2nd half after trailing 24-7 in the 2nd. Would they do it for Norv? How about Tom Coughlin? Would they do it for Mike Shanahan? No. Teams do it for coaches who put the team first and give everything have for the team like Jim Harbaugh, like Rex Ryan, like Todd Haley. That has been documented. Players have been quoted giving Haley credit for his motivation and his no quit attitude and discipline. Instead of focusing on things we "think" are happening, how about some focus on what we know and what we as fans actually can be concerned about. Chiefly (pun intended), a big effing game Sunday.

Disclaimer: I do not have a high horse, a medium horse or any kind of horse. Nor an ivory tower. I tried to stay factual and give fact based opinions. I am not even going to proofread, so if I failed at that I am sorry. I like everyone on here all the same, but I think some people occasionally need to get their heads out of their rear ends.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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