What Is Going On Between The KC Media And The Kansas City Chiefs?



Ok, I like a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.  What the heck is going on between the Chiefs and the local media? It seems like somebody within the Chiefs organization is feeding information to the local media in an effort to make them look unscrupulous.  If that really is happening, it would take a very smart and devious brain to think that up. If it's not happening, then the local media IS unscrupulous in their reporting of things that have now been denied and their credibility is in question, or they are simply reporting the truth and the Chiefs are denying it (which is the least fun option of all conspiracy theories).

If you haven't heard, yesterday, Nick Wright came out with a blockbuster of a story that he basically downplayed by saying that no one should be surprised by it. I still don't quite understand where he was going with that part of his report. He reported that had the Chiefs lost the game to the Indianapolis Colts, the decision had been made (he did not say by who exactly but he intimated that it was Scott Pioli, which makes sense since Pioli is Haley's direct superior) to fire Todd Haley after the game.  I listened to his report via internet radio yesterday afternoon at 2pm.

As soon as he let this cat out of the bag, the wheels in ol' Aiken's ancient brain started turning rapidly (which cause a bunch of smoke and sparks) and the question that came immediately to my mind was, why?  Why was this story being released now?  With a group like the KGB that currently runs the Chiefs, this information was certainly not leaked without purpose.  I mean, here's an organization that won't discuss player injuries, locker room 'disagreements' or 'animated' sideline 'discussions', but suddenly they tell a member of the 'enemy' something as valuable as the fact that the HC was going to be fired based on the outcome of the most recent game score?  Yeah, right.

Do you believe that IF this story was true, that Scott Pioli would have told ANYONE within the organization that did not need to know?  I have held relatively high level positions in corporations like this and I can tell you that secrecy is paramount.  You never want information like that to be vetted prior to the individual being talked to by his superior.  In this case, it's even worse.  Todd Haley now hears that he was to be fired if the team had lost the Colts game?  How would that make you feel going forward to know that each week your job was on the line if you lost a game or didn't make a particular sale or deal?  It doesn't really do much for morale for the individual involved or his team.  That's why information like this is dangerous.  If you let that person know that they are headed out the door, they will no longer trust what you tell them and that makes for a terrible working atmosphere.  The ramifications to the organization are far reaching in their consequences.  

What are the players now thinking?  Will they continue to respond to Haley or will they lose confidence in him because it now appears that the organization has lost faith in him?  What about the coaching staff?  How will they respond?  As a GM, this kind of information simply cannot be advertised.  It can do way too much damage if it gets out, whether it is true or not.

So what does this all mean to the credibility of the report?  Nick Wright says that he has 'multiple sources' within the organization that have confirmed this.  Is he being honest or is he embellishing an off hand comment that was made out of conjecture by someone in the organization?  We will probably never know, but HE had to know the ramifications of reporting something like this.  Is he an honorable reporter or a shyster?  We don't know, but Joel was able to go to the source of where that decision would have been made and the response was that the report was 100% false.  Who do we believe?  This is where the conspiracy theorist gets involved.

Is this just another salvo in the war between the KC media and the Chiefs that started the day that Pioli walked into One Arrowhead Drive?  Does the report (the very next day) that the Chiefs had done a deal selling the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium and it's subsequent refutation by that same front office have any connection to the report about Todd Haley from yesterday?  It sure seems odd that their would be two such unconfirmed reports that the Chiefs would have to deny within 24 hours of each other.  For me, this last 24 hours has become what Arsenio Hall used to call, "Things That Make You Go Hmmm".  There is definitely a Gremlin in the works somewhere and it would be really interesting to find out just who that Gremlin is.

Was this done intentionally by Scott Pioli to help make the media look foolish?  If so, he certainly succeeded.  All that media has to confirm their story so far is a bag full of empty that they claim was filled by a 'source'.  Of course we all know that media members have sources that they protect because if they didn't they would no longer be a source of information.  The problem is that when a story of this magnitude comes around, no one can prove that it was true--or false.  As has been said here on other threads, what exactly COULD Scott Pioli say about this once it has been shouted to the world?  He certainly could not admit that Haley was in jeopardy without sacrificing that trust that I mentioned before.  Some state that the fact that Pioli actually made a statement is proof that something is up.  My thought is that if Pioli had NOT made a statement about something this important that the same could have been said about that, namely that his silence would speak volumes about the accuracy of the claim because he DIDN'T refute it.  Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories that could be developed about why this happened.  The reality is that no matter whether it is true of false, there are going to be some very hard feelings between Scott Pioli and whoever was responsible for this.  If it was someone inside the organization and I was Clark Hunt, I would find out who did it and take corrective measures. If it was the media reporting this without letting the organization know that they were going to report it, what already was strained relations are going to be a whole lot worse.  If Scott Pioli somehow did this on purpose (for what reason is another conspiracy theory) and he is taunting the media with false stories from within the organization, well...Wow.  

I don't think we have heard the end of this.  Interesting that most of the national media has left this story alone for the moment. Scootness noted that SI had picked up the story, but then Joel's story was picked up and put out there as well.  Something isn't quite right about this because if it was verifiable you would think that the sensationalistic national media would run with it but that really hasn't happened.  Stay tuned Chiefs fans, this thing may just be getting started. C'mon Chiefs fans, tell us what you think.  Who's responsible and what is going on?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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