Not chiefs related, but a question for AP

Hey AP - I've got a question for you.  

My nephew(sophomore) plays QB at a local high school north of Liberty -- a 2A division team. Right now he's the 2nd string varsity and starter on JV. He is really talented (I know, I'm biased) but doesn't have the typical QB body style. The kid can throw a 40- 50 yard pass on the money, and can read defense better then most of us! The starting Varisty QB can barely get off a 15 yard pass, is much smaller and has trouble reading the defense.

Just a little background....recently at a JV game, the coach told him in the 4th quarter not to try and score, to basically lay down. They were losing and an injury had occurred to the other team.

He didn't do this and changed the play and threw a 40 yard touchdown pass. After the game the coach basically yelled at him and made him look bad in front of the team (the team was behind him in not giving up- he had told them it was his decision and they went with him). 

Then last week at the varsity game - they were down by more than 40, they put him in at QB and the head coach told him not to run like he normally does. My nephew went in, got the play --  run up middle (they always run this - everyone knows it to- they are constantly getting 9-10 in the box) -- no gain. Next play, he gets call, checks the play to the opposite side and gets an 8 yard gain. The coach tells him to stop checking plays and to just do as he's told.

Then after their drive stalled, the coach chews his ass, tells him he's just a back up, and that he's not the leader of the team, to basically quit being the QB he can be. I get the message that he's telloing the kids to give up and it makes me angry, especially since we try and tell the kids in our family to never give up and to fight till the end!!!!

Not just in football but in life and a coach, middle school principal, is telling our youth to GIVE UP- DON'T GIVE IT YOUR ALL.

Now my nephew doesn't live with me but does live with his grandparents - but as his uncle should I step in and talk to the school board? Punch the coach(just jok'n)? It just makes me mad that our kids are getting this kind of message from our schools. I've never heard of a football coach telling his kids to give up, even if they were down by 100. 7 on the board looks better than 0!

What do u think AP???

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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