Chiefs' Todd Haley Reacts To Second Win Of The Season

The Kansas City Chiefs made it two in a row beating the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and moving to 2-3 on the season. It's impressive what a win can do for the fans because this is a nice Monday morning now.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met with the media following the game and seemed to be in a good mood as well after the Chiefs tied a franchise record coming back from 17 points down to beat the Colts.

Here's a run down of what Haley had to say (and full video is at

-Haley is complimenting the toughness of his team, particularly the mental toughness. He says they stuck to their keys to the game: continue playing solid defense, don't give up big plays, no turnovers and run the ball efficiently. Among their No. 1 goals was also stopping the Colts run.

-"I think you know why a couple weeks ago I was feeling good about these guys," Haley said. "When you have guys like this, you feel good and it makes it fun. You know they're going to keep bouncing back. It's an attribute I really appreciate."

- Haley uses a couple sayings -- "keep grinding, keep chopping wood" -- when talking about sticking to the plan.

-"He was throwing the ball unbelievable early," Haley said of Curtis Painter. "Obviously, we blew a coverage or two but a lot of those throws were tight and pinpoint accuracy. I was really impressed with him throwing the ball, especially in the first half."

-Keeps saying his players stuck to the plan, which is why they were able to win. He also credits the coaches for emphasizing that to the players.

-Notes that in the last three weeks you've seen his team getting stronger in the second half (or his team is staying the same and the other team is getting tired). "It really helps us," Haley said. "It helped us in the first year, it helped us last year and we're counting on it to help us again."

-"We really stick to the things we know we do well," Haley said of the Chiefs offense.

-He loves that Bowe is doing his job. Seems to get better and better.

-"I was so excited for that touchdown because I coached him for a long time in Arizona," Haley said of Breaston's touchdowns. "It was one of his best releases. It's just the little thing but he did a great job on something we've talked about for years."

-"You can tell with Jackie [Battle] that he really believed he was a runner and didn't like it very much when we in our mind relegated him to a special teams role," Haley said.

-Haley talks about a fan (a U.S. Marine) that sent him a letter this week asking him to give Battle more carries. He read the letter to Battle before the game. There was no return address on it so the guy didn't get anything back.

-Haley talks about superstition and says as long as the Chiefs are winning, he's not shaving.

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