Homer is as Homer Does: Why I still Support Cassel and Believe in a Winning Season

 Call me stubborn, an idiot, a damned fool, (if that's your thing)...or the ever so storied HOMER. But please, hear me out.

I know that pick at the end Sunday sealed it for even the most stubborn of Cassel supporters, such as our very own beloved curmudgeon Ups. And of course; it put a tanker of High Octane on a raging fire known as SUCK for LUCK. Even I was like, "WHY DO I BOTHER"?!



Here's Why.

There is a possibility that, even though it was a bad decision at the worst time, McCluster got held up on the route and Cassel threw to a pre-determined spot on Instinct and the rest is history as they say.

However, after the second half change in play calling and the progress made offensively by Cassel and the team as a whole compared to the previous two and a half games; I think Cassel will improve under his FIRST full time QB coach, just as he did under Weis last year; keeping us competitive, if not shocking the league. Yeah, I know I’m crazy, but so is this season!

Zorn is a known outside the box QB coach and if he did a whole "You must un-learn, what you have learned" Yoda on Cassel; that means new philosophy and technique.

Then pile on the cluster-f@#$ that has been getting the play through the damned grapevine; losing your best two pieces in Moeaki, then Charles, (two huge targets); plus acquainting your self with the quirks of Breaston, dealing with the defenses’ focus on Bowe without Baldwin to stretch the field, (Thanks T.J.) along with penalty after penalty and turnover after turnover.

Would that mess with your mind and confidence; let alone the whole organization being shell shocked?. Are you kidding?

I’m giving him till game 8. Cassel came into a 180 degree situation from the Pats, and TOOK A BEATING due to a piss poor line, and no personal coach. Then he comes back in 2010 learning from Weis and gets a Division win. CONSISTENCY is the one thing Cassel has not had when it comes to coaching. I do believe he is on a cusp, as is the whole team; (new month, new flavor). Matt should have these next five games to make it right; and the team will grow together as a unit. Adversity is the fire that forges a man, and a team's resolve.

I want to win now; Draft Picks be damned!

I also want a trip to the Superbowl. If that means no Cassel, then so be it; but the kid at least gets half the season, which leaves a full half for the evaluation of Stanzi, Palko or whomever; as we move towards 2012.

GoooOOO CHIEFS!!! Knock the s#!% out of the invading Norseman, and get momentum for the next 12 games!!!

Homer is as Homer Does!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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