It's Funny...I Thought It Would Take Longer



Welcome to the newest edition of 'What the Chiefs Can't Accomplish'.  I thought it would take at least until a playoff game loss before we were inundated with all the comments and posts about what the Chiefs CAN'T do, you know, how every stinking positive opinion about our team is marginalized because of the circumstances surrounding this season.  I was wrong by at least a week. The number of posts and comments about what the Chiefs can't do next Sunday started out as a trickle after the Raiders loss and has been growing exponentially each day since.  Just reading what has been put in the comments here confirms what all the pundits already know.  The CHIEFS SUCK!

I should have known.  With the track record of the commentors around here, I'm surprised that we haven't seen the suggestion that the Chiefs should just call up the Ravens and forfeit.  I mean, why take the chance of hurting anybody playing a game that we just can't win?  Save it up for next year...yeah, that's the ticket.  We should just fall into our own little purgatory where we never have to try to play a good team, we'll just always stop at that point so we don't have to experience (God forbid!) a loss!  Some of the defense mechanisms that many of the AP faithful were using for the last several years have snapped back into place with an audible click!  Good God, would a playoff loss really damage these folks psyche so badly? 

That must be the reason that so many are running through the posts making comments in a fevered effort to stop any positive thinking that is going on out there.  Put up a post about how the Chiefs went 10-6 and won the AFC West and bam!  You get a response that says, "Well, yeah that's true, but the Chiefs didn't play anybody all year and that means that those 10 wins are irrelevant.  Don't go thinking that putting Ws up against those High School teams MEANS anything".  Don't you just love it?

These are the same people who were predicting a 6-10 season.  Thank God we have these sage advisors around here to make sure we don't start thinking that this team could win the Super Bowl.  Holy cow, what a mistake that could turn out to be.  Wouldn't wanna be you when that unravels and your butt falls off for believing it could happen.   



 OMG!  I sure am glad those folks are here to keep us on the straight and narrow.



These folks have made sure too, that we don't even come close to underestimating our opponent on Sunday.  The Baltimore Ravens have apparently gone undefeated for nearly 10 years now, laying waste to any football team that had the unmitigated audacity to even step on the field with them.  Hell, 20 or 30 games have gone into the Ravens win column just from having Ray Lewis breathe on the opposition.  The story is that they wilted and fled from the mere proximity of such an insurmountable force as the breath of the Purple Dragon.  The NFLPA had to pay to bury five players who died of fright.  I certainly don't want Cassel and company to have to endure torture like that for something as insignificant as a football game, do you?

Tell ya what Chiefs fans, I DON"T BUY IT!  How many of these bloviators were right there, all season long, telling us that:

1)  Matt Cassel would never be an elite or franchise QB?

2)  Jamaal Charles was being misused and would want to be traded by seasons end because he wasn't listed as a starter?

3)  Todd Haley was an inexperienced, hard ass wannabe that would ultimately have a mutiny on his hands because of how he handled the players?

4)  Scott Pioli didn't know how to draft a beer?

5)  The hiring of Weis and Crennel would lead to nothing but a power struggle that would limit the Chiefs effectiveness?

6)  Absolutely no way in hell that this football team could be a winner without scrapping and replacing busts like Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, not to mention Ron Edwards?

7)  Shaun Smith was nothing more than a Brother-in-law deal of a choice by Romeo Crennel that would never amount to anything and would only serve to be a distraction in the locker room?

8)  Dwayne Bowe was justanother Braggart of a WR who wouldn't get it and needed to be traded?

The list is really endless, because as these examples were proven ill conceived, new ones were quickly invented and supplanted to continue the endless onslaught intended to curb the growing positive sentiment coming from the believers.  How better to protect yourself from harm than not to have to put your heart out there to get stepped on?

You see, to believe in your champion to overcome the odds takes faith.  Faith in something that these 'realists' don't understand.  That faith will supersede the losses and set backs that the champion has on their quest for glory.

I don't know if the Chiefs will win on Sunday, but that has little to do with my belief that they will ultimately succeed in their quest.  I can live with the failures that will unquestionably accompany the successes.  Failures are necessary.  Failures by their very nature, breed successes.  Success that is not preceeded by failure is rare.  The real failure is not to try.

Our Chiefs have TRIED.  More than that they have SUCCEEDED.  Most would agree that they have performed this season in a way that has exceeded expectations.  Why would we now revert to second guessing their ability and poo-pooing their chances, when they have reached such an important milestone in their young but impressive start on the road to Greatness?  I say we shouldn't.  This is just the most recent obstacle in their path.  So far they have overcome much.  Everyone of these protesters qualifies their remarks with the following--"I'm not saying that it WON'T happen, just that it's probably NOT GOING to happen". 

Really?  After all that this team has done to show you that they can indeed overcome more than you thought they could, you would still doubt their resolve?  Haley said in his presser today that HE TOLD THE TEAM THAT THEY ARE A GOOD TEAM.  I don't wanna hear any more about how Haley says our team isn't good yet.  That changed today.  Get with the program doubters.  And take some advice from Odd Ball from the movie Kellys Heros:




Have a little faith baby...have a little faith.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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