Calm Down, its Going to be OK


      After the Raiders game it seems as if the once hopeful and optimistic Chiefs fanatic has all of a sudden turned into a skeptic, pessimistic, defeatist bitch.  All because the offensive line looked horrible and we got our ass handed to us.  It was the last week of the season.  If you think the Chiefs are going to come out and play that poorly come Sunday, especially the offensive line, then you haven't been following this team all season.  Lets answer some questions and quell some concerns after the jump.  Go ahead, drink the kool-aid, it taste good.  And suicide is only a metaphor in this scenario, so man up!



1.  The offensive line looked horrible!  How is Cassel going to survive against a much superior Ravens front 7?


     Our offensive line played one horrible game, no doubt about it.  But, is it that horrendous of an o-line that will lay down two weeks in a row?  I don't think so.  The Ravens are ranked 27th in the league in sacks.  27th!  The Raiders?  Tied for 2nd in the NFL.  Yes, the Raiders defense deserves kudos for their front 7 play this season.  Too bad their owner will fuck things up and they will not upgrade at QB this season.  I digress, but this myth that Lewis and Suggs are going to be fucking Matt's day up is a misnomer based on nostalgia of the once great Ravens D.  They have 4 household names in Lewis, Suggs, Reed, and Ngata.  But, what else do they have.  A solid, but old veteran NT in Kelley Gregg who I would compare to Vrabel at this stage in his career.  But, I guess Redding, McClain, Johnson, Carr, Landry, and Wilson are solid starters you would expect from a dominant Ravens defense that would make up the difference.  Who?  Who?  And Who?  And that is exactly why they are ranked just inside the top 10 in total defense.  

2.  But the Ravens match up strength to strength.  Their pass D may not be dominate, but they can stop the run!

     True, true, true dat.  The Ravens are still a good team at stopping the run ranking 5th in the NFL.  They have played some top RBs in the game this year including Foster, Mendenhall, Turner, and Hillis.  But, have they seen the caliber at RB that Charles processes?  The answer to that question is absolutely fucking not.  Foster got a C note on their ass and Hillis ran for 144 yards and a TD on the road.  Obviously, the other 4 games they dominated in terms of Rice vs. the opposing RB.  But, would you be willing to bet against Charles after this season?  The kid has proven to be an ELITE player.  One who is up to the challenge of taking on this defense.  A person that I would give more than a 3 to 1 odds of out preforming his rival in Rice.  Ngata is the best at his position in this game this year, no doubt about it.  But, you can't honestly tell me that guy is going to chase Jamal sideline to sideline.  If we have the appropriate game plan, Jamal will beat this slow and old team on the outside just as he has done throughout the season.  There is nothing I am more confident in than our best player, Jamal Charles on Sunday.

3.  Ok, whatever dude.  You are downplaying their defense, but what about our own?  They are ranked 14th overall in the league.  They are average at best and have blown games for us in the 4th quarter this season.  Go fuck yourself you blind optimistic fool!

     The main difference between our D and the Ravens D is that we are younger, faster, and ascending.  Berry is not the same player he was against SD in the season opener, nor is Carr, Lewis is healthy, and that dude we took 3 overall last year is starting to come along.  Tyson Jackson ladies and gentleman will be the missing link.  WTF!!!!  Yeah, thats right, I said it.  I've seen the kid play since the SD game and he has impressed me.  So much so that I think he gets the start come Sunday and we in turn get an upgrade at NT with Shaun Smith.  Romeo is going to out coach the opposition and send a shit storm Joe Flaco's way.  If Romeo has shown us anything this season its that he has a game plan to stop the oppositions greatest strength.  If they are dominant at passing like Indy or Denver he has sent everyone in coverage.  If they are dominant in the run game he has made sure Gore, MJD, or CJ have not beaten us.  Now, we lost to a balanced Texans team, but we were on the road.  The 12th man has a chance to add an extra strength to our defense come Sunday.

4.  Blah, blah, blah.  Our situation in the now and in the past has proven we will not and can not win this game.  The distraction of Weis leaving for Florida and the fact that we haven't won a playoff game since Joe Montana will be our ultimate doom.  

     Cry me a fucking river.  Mark Twain once said that "history doesn't repeat itself, but it sure as hell rhymes."  Does this team even resemble a god damn syllable since the Montana days?  The Chiefs have always been a lop sided team.  Either our D is dominant, but our offense is weak ala Marty in the 90s w/ Grbac and Bono, or Green on the other side of the equation w/ no help on the opposite side of the ball.  We have young play makers on both sides of the ball this year from Charles, Cassel, and Bowe to Hali, Flowers, and Berry.  But, what does rhyme is Weis accepting a college gig prior to a Superbowl run.  And in that situation he got his 3rd ring despite the situation being more distracting concerning the fact he was hired as a head coach and was the main guy for recruiting.  This talk about Haley vs. Weis is sensationalistic journalism from a local press unable to get a scoop on anything that happens at One Arrowhead Dr.  Weis is a professional.  He is competitive and will not lay down come Sunday. 

5.  Alright, lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt from points 1 through 4; all you have explained away are aspects in the game where we have a disadvantage.  You haven't outlined a single instance in which we have a superior  match up advantage outside of home field.  

     Do the Chiefs have a match up advantage they can exploit come Sunday?  Fucking-A we do.  Here is some stats exposing what pro bowl WRs have done against the Ravens defense this year...

1.  R White - 12 Rec, 138 yards, 2 TDs

2. A Johnson - 9 Rec, 142 yards, 2 TDs

3. B Lloyd - 5 Rec 135 yards, 2 TDs

     Neither of these three teams (Broncos, Falcons, Texans) have a significant number 2.  Going into those games there was no doubt they had to account for these guys.  And they lost to the Falcons at home while beating the Texans and Broncos who have the two worst defenses in the league.  I don't see how they will stop a pro bowler and the NFL leader in TDs come Sunday.  And the grand finale ladies and gentlemen.  What you have all been waiting for.  The match up advantage that will win this game...

-Succop's leg vs. Cundiiff's leg

     Cundiff has been very accurate this year hitting 26 our of 29 FGs.  But, his longest is 49 yards.  Ryan's is 53 and I would venture to say he is capable of nailing a 55 yarder.  This game will ultimately be decided by field position (Colquitt!) and the ability of the kickers to make their field goals.  Cundiff was a Chief's cast off and will prove why we let him go come Sunday.  Mark my words.  This game will be close, but it will be the Chiefs that prevail in the end by 3 points. 

6.  I want what your smoking bro.  To be honest I never said the Chiefs don't have a chance.  I thought they could win this game, but it would be unlikely.  That being said even if we get out of the 1st round how in the hell are we going to beat the Steelers or the Patriots on the road? 

     Well, that is where logic ends and hope begins.  If and when we play these two teams on the road all I have to offer as logic is any given Sunday.  Anything can happen in the post season.  The Cards two years ago were called the worst team to make the playoffs only to go to the big show despite very bad losses at the end of the regular season.  When the Pats won their first, they weren't even on the radar screen.  Lets take it one step at a time.  Lets win this game and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  And to give you guys some more inspiration listen to this song, hold your chin up high, act like you have been here before, and be proud to wear the red and gold...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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