A mock with NT going first

This offseason could be a crucial point from being good, and being great. We have the base team that can contend with the AFC west for a long time, but we don't have all the right pieces. We are missing a few big pieces on defense such as NT, OLB and maybe ILB, at least depth. On offense, Wr is in dire need of an upgrade behind Dwayne Bowe and the O-Line could use depth, along with a competent QB to back up Matt Cassel and a big running back to eventually replace Thomas Jones. I am not going to post how to fix the team with free agency because as of right now it doesn't exist. So here is my Mock draft.

1.Phil Taylor NT Baylor- Nose tackle is a huge need for the Kansas City Chiefs and frankly Phil Taylor is the best option and he is rapidly moving up draft boards.  Taylor is a massive presence in the middle and is starting to seem like a great pick.

2.Leonard Hankerson WR Miami- Hankerson is a big WR with great hands, with abilty to be a big playmaker. Hankerson is rising up draft boards too. Has the make up to be a # 1 receiver which would be great along side Bowe.

3.Jermey Beal OLB Oklahoma- Beal is a guy that had a lot of hype after the college season was over, and has been a little disappointing since. Beal has the potential to be a first or second round type of player but seems to be dropping. I don't think he makes it to four and I believe he could be great for us given the spot we pick him.

4. Jake Kirkpatrick C TCU- Center is a must need and I feel that Stephen Wisnewiski is too high for the first and won't be around in the second. Kirkpatrick is a kid who hasn't been playing football for very long and has gotten better with every snap. I truly believe he will be here.

5. Mario Harvey ILB Ohio- This is the pick I have been mocking for awhile. Mario Harvey has the range to play sideline  to sideline and the ability to stop the run. He is a pure thumper and in my opinion would start ahead of Jovan Belcher

5. Cecil Shorts III WR Mount Union- Shorts comes from the same school as Pierre Garcon, I think this pick would be a steal. He has good speed but is more of wide receiver who can find the holes in the zone and exploit coverages.

6. Greg McElroy QB Alabama- I know, I know another Alabama QB.... but I think McElroy is smarter and more confident in himself, then Brodie Croyle ever will be.

7.John Clay RB Wisconsin- John Clay is a big bruiser who probably will fall...I think if given a decent line he would be a load to bring down, and would be a perfect  goal line back.


With this draft, several needs are filled and doubled up on. I think that doubling up on WR is a must if Free agency can not start very soon. I believe Phil Taylor fits need and value, as long as several other picks. I think that with this draft the Chiefs would not only have great talent but the depth to compete not with only the AFC West but to make runs in the playoffs, which is where every team and fan wants to compete.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear what you guys think. GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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