2011 Senior Bowl After Actions Report. Who Might be a future Chief?

After watching what seems like 6 hours of Senior Bowl coverage from the DVR I have mixed thoughts on some players.  I feel I was educated on some players that I other wise would not have had on the Chief watch board.  Then again I feel some players that I had on the board just didn't show up too play today.  The worst part of the Senior Bowl that I came away with though is that my perception of the Chiefs needs may have subtly changed. 

Here is my list of players that made a impact today in the Senior Bowl that can have a impact on the Chiefs in the future.


1.  Hankerson, Leonard School: Miami Position: WR Height: 6-1 5/8 Weight: 205

Hankerson's ability to catch and run correct routes stood out to me in this game.  The receivers did have a advantage with no press coverage allowed.  However every receiver had this advantage and Hankerson made the most of it for the South team.  The question that will have to be answered is when he is presented with man to man press coverage can he show the speed and ability to separate from his defender to present himself a target for his quarterback?

2.  Ponder, Christian School: Florida State Position: QB Height: 6-2 1/8 Weight: 222

Had a really productive day as quarterback.  This is a player that was not really on my radar.  I feel he did a good job of moving in the pocket and kept his eyes down field.  The main concern I have is his arm strength for short pass plays in the flat.  Is he strong enough to make those throws?

3.  Kirkpatrick, Jake School: TCU Position: OL Height: 6-2 1/4 Weight: 301

I came away fairly impressed today with this center.  A few times he was bull rushed and took a few steps back.  He was able to recover and hold his ground though when this did happen.  I did notice he has the ability to move and make some very nice second level blocks.  Main issue I see that needs to be worked on would be upper body strength.

4.  Jenkins, Jarvis School: Clemson Position: DL Height: 6-3 7/8 Weight: 309

This kid can play some ball.  One of the most disruptive players on the field today.  Showed several techniques that allowed him to get penetration on the quarterback.  When paired with Phil Taylor they were pretty much unstoppable with the inside rush.  The problem I have is where would he fit in with the Chiefs?

5.  Taylor, Phil School: Baylor Position: DL Height: 6-3 1/2 Weight: 337

This kid can play some ball.  One of the most disruptive players on the field today.  Showed several techniques that allowed him to get penetration on the quarterback.  When paired with Jarvis Jenkins they were pretty much unstoppable with the inside rush.  The one question I have is without someone like Jarvis Jenkins what issues will he run into (if any)?

6.  McCarthy, Colin School: Miami Position: LB Height: 6-1 1/4 Weight: 235

I came away after watching McCarthy play LB in the Senior Bowl with this is a right 53 kind of guy.  He contributes on Special Teams and is very instinctive at the LB position.  The concern would be his speed.  He let a RB catch the ball in front of him on one play and couldn't catch him to make the tackle.  He reminds me off a lot of Nicholas Bellore ILB Central Michigan 6’1 250.  Both players could fill a roll that would make our defense and special teams a lot stronger.

7.  Neild, Chris School: West Virginia Position: DL Height: 6-1 7/8 Weight: 313

I have to say this is the player that I personally came away after watching the Senior Bowl game as saying we need this player.  He did not get pressure on the QB or collapse the center of the pocket very often.  A very good reason he wasn't as noticeable as Phil Taylor because he had two linemen on him almost always.  Sometimes he had 3 on him.  He did change the direction of the ball carrier that tried to run up the middle.  He did allow his linebackers to fill the correct gaps.  The entire defense seemed to perform better when he was in the game eating up double teams.

8.  Wright, K.J. School: Mississippi State Position: LB Height: 6-3 1/8 Weight: 246

Played fairly solid today.  Wright is a interesting prospect that we would stand up and put him as a SOLB.  He was able to get some decent pressure on the quarterback today.  Where he really seemed to shine was in locking down the edge and playing very well in the flats.  This is an area that I feel we must address before next season.  A late round pick that could very well fill that void.

9.  Powell, Bilal School: Louisville Position: RB Height: 5-10 3/8 Weight: 204

Not a position that is really a need for us.  With that being said......  This kid looked great today.  He had power, was shifty, and the most important to me is that he made usually one cut and took it to the defense.  If he is there in the latter rounds it would be very hard for us not to take a serious look at snatching him up.




1.  Ballard, Christian School: Iowa Position: DL Height: 6-4 1/8 Weight: 288 

We have many write ups and discussions on this player already.  It seems the Chiefs have shown interest in Ballard and have already had a meeting with him.  Today his play on the field backed up why the Chiefs have interest in him.  Showed a non-stop motor and created some pressure on the quarterback.  Also did a nice job of sealing the edge and helping with quarterback contain.    

2.  Harris, Dwayne School: East Carolina Position: WR Height: 5-9 7/8 Weight: 200

There is just something about this kid that stood out to me.  You didn't see him on the field very much accept returning punts.  When the punter actually got the ball to him he seemed to turn into another type of player.  Very explosive with the ball in his hands.  I can't really put my finger on it to be honest.  Just seems that he could be a play maker in the return game and as a receiver once he gets the ball in his hands.  Mabey a comparison to Devin Hester would be the best comparison.

3.  Sanzenbacher, Dane School: Ohio State Position: WR Height: 5-11 1/8 Weight: 181

Ran crisp routes.  Seemed to always get open and he sat down in the void zones that was given to him by the defense.  Nothing special about him.  He just got open and caught the ball.  Maybe some OSU fans out there have more insight on him.  It also might have been that the South just ran over the North so much this game that when he started catching the ball it just stood out.  Either way he caught the ball and got open we would of loved to had that last year.

4.  Hagg, Eric School: Nebraska Position: DB Height: 6-1 3/8 Weight: 206

Did the little things on defense to stand out.  Always trying to rip the ball away.  He didn't allow receivers to get behind him in coverage.  Helped set the edge on outside runs.  Just was solid.

5.  Fusco, Brandon School: Slippery Rock Position: OL Height: 6-4 1/8 Weight: 302

I don't really know where this guy came from.  To me he was the best center on the field today hands down.  There was a noticeable difference between him and John Moffit from Wisconsin.  He looked like a NFL Center on the field John Moffit did not.  Fusco didn't get bull rushed and moved well in pass protection and run support.  I even saw him in the second level blowing linebackers up.  If I were in the market for a center I would be doing more research on this guy and he could come out of no where.  I was very impressed with his play.

6.  Sherman, Richard School: Stanford Position: DB Height: 6-2 3/8 Weight: 193

If you watched the game today this is one of the only players on the field (for the North) that seemed to always be on T.V.  At 6'2 and 193 what match up problems could he create with a little extra weight he could also be moved to FS.  He was caught biting on a double hitch move once but seemed to have been scolded at half time and really came back out in the second half and continued his good performance.  A very interesting prospect.

7.  Burney, Kendric School: North Carolina Position: DB Height: 5-9 Weight: 181

Burney was compared to Brandon Flowers.  Enough said right?  Not really.  He has tremendous closing speed.  Gets feet tied sometimes on deep pass routes with some hip movement.  I saw it happen once and he still recovered with great closing speed.  Small but very instinctive on football it seemed.  Just had the ability to know what route was being ran and when the ball was coming his way.  Again very interesting prospect.

Was I the only one that came into this game thinking O-Line, WR, SOLB we need all of these?  After watching this game today a realization came to me about the Chiefs.  We may be closer than any of us think to having the pieces for a really good team.  I feel that if we add Neild, Chris School: West Virginia Position: DL Height: 6-1 7/8 Weight: 313 as a NT with Edwards our entire Defense will change for the better.  With linebacker depth that we currently have adding a young rookie into that rotation will help keep competition high and make our special teams stronger.  Adding a player that can play a Free Safety/LB roll that gives depth to our pass coverage and run support will pay dividends all season long and long into the future.  There seems to be quite allot of Offensive Line talent in the middle rounds.  Center is a must need for us along with a Tackle prospect.  I believe either Center I listed above can get the job done and will be a Chief we can all remember for quite some time. 

Your thoughts?  Where will these guys go in the draft?  Will the Chiefs pick up any of these prospects?  I challenge you to step outside of the Koolaid Box and look at our team.  We can all wish we had all Pro Bowlers in every position but be real.  Its not going to happen and you know it.  So what do we need to do to patch the holes that were exposed last year?  Remember the FA has some players that can fill some needs too.  What say you Fans that bleed Red?  Did today's game change anyway you feel about the Chiefs?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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