All AFC West Team

Long time Commenter, first time Poster so please go gentle on me :p.  Well its that time of the year again, the traffic slows down the News Stories Dwindle and we're stuck with stories about Shaun Smith's Nickname and a Hollow silence that is our OC position. With the Pro Bowl and All-Pros lists already made I thought I'd make one that only consists of the AFC West. I personally thought that some players on those two lists are undeserving and if we could combine all the teams in the West's best players of 2010 into one single unit, whom would make the cut?

After the Jump we'll take a look.



QB: Phillip Rivers, Matt Cassel

Really who else could it be? Not only are these two guys in the Pro Bowl, they were just better then the Competition around them. Rivers was arguably the best QB in the NFL, and through all of Cassel's trial and tribulations he is still better then Campbell & the Combined Godly power of Tebow/Orton. Easy choices here.

RB: Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden

Again I have to say who else? Tolbert deserves a HM here but besides that these guys were the Cream of the Crop. McFadden finally showed this year why he was worth a Top Pick in the draft. He finally put it all together and had a beast of a year. Then we go to our Resident All-Pro Jamaal Charles. Bad OL, Good OL it doesn't matter this guy will get yards. Nearly beating Jim Brown's record this year by .02 yards, which is INSANE, there really isn't anyone besides All Day that I'd take over him right now.

WR: Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Lloyd, Jacoby Ford

Dwayne Bowe is solid, when he's on he's on. Inconsistent at times, but I feel his future is bright here especially if we can get him another guy on the outside. Brandon Lloyd had an epic comeback this year and is also deserved on this list with some amazing catches to his credit. To round it out I chose the Rooke Ford, You look up Speed in the Dictionary and you'll see a picture of Ford. Perfect deep threat to match with the #1 & 2.

FB: Mike Tolbert

Mentioned earlier as an HM for RB, Tolbert is a more then solid Full Back. With no other good Representatives from any of the other AFC West teams besides Jacob Hester out of SD this is an Easy Choice here.

TE: Antonio Gates, Zach Miller

Antonio Gates is probably the Best Pass-Catching TE in the league today, taking the mantle from Old Man River Gonzalez with ease. This is a guy you have to double minimum, if not triple to stop. Though he was injured this year, and because of it he didn't make the Pro Bowl I still label him as the best in the AFC West. Then you find Zach Miller, ridiculously underrated and just made it to the Pro Bowl he locks it up here. HM for Blocking purposes goes to Tony Moeaki, he was one of the major reasons our running game was the best in the NFL this year.

OT: Branden Albert, Mike McNeill

There might be an outcry from Mile High about the exclusion of Clady but I don't really care. These two guys have played great this year, and could arguably play on either side(Albert could play 4 Positions on the Line in all honesty). I see Albert grabbing the LT spot and McNeill rounding it out by taking over RT.

OG: Kris Dielman, Ryan Lilja

Now we're getting into territory that I don't know much about. Bewsaf is gonna have to help me out on this, but I think these guys were the best Guards of the West. Lilja has been solid albeit small, and Dielman has always been a solid player.

OC: Nick Hardwick

Since I know for a fact that the Chiefs Center isn't the best, Satele isn't all that great and neither is the Rookie Walton in Denver I'll go with Hardwick here. Solidly fills out the rest of the OL and the Offense.



DE: Richard Seymour, Glenn Dorsey

These two lock up the End Positions and boy would that be good, holy crap can you imagine it? Even though Seymour is older he hasn't lost much of his dominance, meanwhile Dorsey a more then solid player and each would compliment each other.

NT: Antonio Garay

What a Story  for the guy, cut from the Jets PS he comes to SD and Dominates the Playing field. Arguably one of the best NTs in the NFL he easily takes over this spot.

OLB: Tamba Hali, Shaun Phillips

Hali is our resident Sack Master, and the AFC leader in Sacks has been nothing short of dominant this year. Say what you will about his overall game, this is a guy you have to pay attention to on Sundays. Phillips is also somebody not to take lightly, making the Pro Bowl this year he is one of the better overall OLBs in the NFL, putting together a basically complete game.

ILB: Derrick Johnson, Stephen Cooper

These two together would be great. Johnson already played at an All-Pro Level this year, and Cooper is a great ILB in his own right. Both are solid overall and know how to play their positions. No complaints here.

CB: Nnamdi Asoughma, Brandon Flowers

I'll come right out in say that Nnamdi is the best CB in the NFL today, he's been doing what Revis did last year for close to 5 years now. He's never thrown too, ever which is why he doesn't put up pretty stats and I'm just glad he might be out of the AFC West this year. Although Flowers didn't have his best year, mainly due to injury, I still say he deserves it over Bailey or Jammer. He's more then solid in his all-around game, and when he's on he Shuts down WR like the best of them.

FS: Eric Weddle

This guy has put a year together that bumps him up into the upper-echelon of Safeties. Right now I consider him Dare I say a Top 10 safety, and with a void of talent at this position here besides Lewis, he handily takes the helm at FS for All AFC West team.

SS: Eric Berry

Rounding out the Defense we find Eric Berry. His Rookie year, was bad at the beginning at least coverage-wise, but once he stopped over-thinking and started playing by instinct he was a force. A missile in the Run game and great Tackle Techinique, he was stopping RBs in their tracks every time he met them. And in the latter half of the year he showed how great he is in pass coverage getting some good INTs. He plays all over the field and is a vital part of our Defense taking the SS spot by force.



K/P: Ryan Succop/Shane Lechler

This wasn't a great year for Kickers in the AFCW so I decided on Succop mainly looking at the stat sheet. He was 2nd in Kicking Averages and 10th in Field Goals. Shane Lechler is pretty much an Automatic at this point.

KR/PR: Jacoby Ford/Javier Arenas

Rounding out our team I decided to add Arenas. His gutsy style of play is something I love, and if we had fielded a better blocking unit we probably would've had a better year ST-wise. Ford is an automatic guys electrifying on Kick Returns.

Final Tally:

Chiefs: 12

Chargers: 10

Raiders: 6

Broncos: 1

Wow a Fitting order is Fitting Order


Very solid team here. That Defense would DOMINATE, I think it'd only be second to the All AFC North Team though it is close. That offense would be Really good as well, Rivers would get it done and with Charles/McFadden running the rock this is a team that could put up points if needed. Overall this is a team that has talent everywhere, no shortage here at any position really.


Well that's it guys, anything I missed or you don't agree with? You let me know.



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