We need a Backup!! Or Two!

What's going on everybody? Hope everyone's fine.Me, I'm good just wanting on this OC search I think it's going to take probably another week then we'll see something (hopefully). ya'll kinda know who I'm referring too. don't you? but I wouldn't mind seeing Coach Childess in here either! but this has nothing to do with the post just thought I would get that out of my system!

Ok now this is what I was making the whole post about. I'ma be true with you guys I think our backup Brodie Croyle sucks lol I know I shouldn't say it like that about anyone on this team but thats the whole about telling the truth and saying it how I see it so don't get mad at me I know atleast half of you guys think so too but I was just watching the San Diego game from this year and don't get me wrong If M.Cassel had to go down it would of wish it was against a team like Denver or Seattle a team that has a so so defense just to give Croyle alittle confidence or something because that game was awful I don't know who much better Cassel would have done but I think I can speak for some of you guys that he (Cassel) would have atleast gotten a touchdown. last year the first game of the season he was decent and I had some hope for him but IMO he just hasn't paned out for us so I was wondering who you guys would like to see as our backup (s)


Tyler Palko is better than Croyle I think so I would probably keep him make him 2nd string and see who we can bring in and let him and Palko battle it out. here are acouple of guys I have in mine.

Seneca Wallace- I think ya'll knew I was going to say him right?

Matt Moore- I haven't seen him play much but from what I have seen he's decent like a backup

Matt Leinart- he's basically in the same category as croyle but that would make cassel mad and push him even harder I think

Chad Pennington- having a vet never hurts does it?

Kellen Clemons- we have to play the jets next year right?

Jeff Garcia- don't like how he talks but is a very good backup


that's about all the guys I have that I think are useful so just let me know what ya'll think please. thx!

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