Chiefs Offensive Coordinator News Nowhere To Be Found

KANSAS CITY MO - JANUARY 09: Head coach Todd Haley of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on during the 2011 AFC wild card playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium on January 9 2011 in Kansas City Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Another week has gone by without the Kansas City Chiefs announcing their next offensive coordinator. There isn't really any buzz about the position either. There aren't any rumors or reports of "I heard so-and-so could be a candidate."

The last we heard on the topic came earlier this week when Todd Haley talked to Alex Marvez of Sirius NFL Radio and said it was unlikely he would hold both titles (and he had said that earlier this month as well).

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network said on 810 WHB's Border Patrol this week that he thinks Haley may have no choice but to handle both roles.

"I think really at this point Todd needs to take it over," Lombardi said. "Bringing someone who has never done it before and he's sitting there and he's done it....You see Bill Belichick. He doesn't have a defensive coordinator on staff. You see him calling defenses because he knows he's the most qualified guy to do that.     

I see what he's saying. Haley is a qualified offensive coordinator and maybe the most qualified of any coach that's available right now. In that light, it makes him the best man for the job. Of course, Haley also remembers the 2009 season when he did the same thing and what a nightmare it was.

"There are a lot of things going on inside that building that make it very difficult," Lombardi said of hiring an offensive coordinator. "Look, Todd is not an easy guy to work for. You've seen his display of anger on the sidelines and you know it doesn't just stop when it gets to the game on Sunday. I think it's going to have to be a situation where Todd is going to have to really run the offense himself.

"Now that's going to put Matt Cassel in a tough situation because what he knows, and the way Matt Cassel has been trained in a New England system, is different than what Todd knows. So it's going to have to be back to year one. I think it's certainly a potential for a dangerous situation for the Chiefs. Nobody seems to really be wanting to throw their body and go in there and take on the situation because it isn't a very comfortable situation."

Something will have to give. There's always the chance that they're holding out for someone on a Super Bowl team, but my guess is that the longer we wait, the more likely it is someone is promoted from within.

Regardless of who is or isn't hired, I think the expectation is that Haley will call plays, and that's a significant part of the job.

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