Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 1/27

KANSAS CITY MO - JANUARY 09: Cheerleaders of the Kansas City Chiefs perform during the 2011 AFC wild card playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium on January 9 2011 in Kansas City Missouri. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Good morning everyone. Your regular Arrowheadliner, NJ Chiefs Fan, is currently digging himself out of what he estimates is 17" of snow so I'm taking over his duties today. Chris was also scheduled to fly from Washington D.C. to Kansas City this morning but his flight's been canceled due to snow so there goes that (and we were also supposed to eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse for Chris' birthday so his canceled trip makes me very angry).

With that, here's my best NJ Chiefs Fan impersonation:

Chiefs Front-Office Chopping Continues | Chiefs Football at
The destruction/remake of the Kansas City Chiefs has been going on since January of 2009. The vision of the Hunt Family, led by team chairman Clark Hunt has not yet been realized because long-time, loyal employees continue to lose their jobs for one reason – change for the sake of change. On Wednesday, at least 11 employees were known to be fired by the club. | Senior Bowl Brings Quick Turnaround For KC Coaches
"You see a lot of people that you have worked with and gotten to know over the years," Haley said. "As a head coach, it’s a little harder to hide. When I started coming here I would sit up in the top row with my father learning how to scout. Nobody knew who I was, but as a head coach it’s a little bit harder to get in and out of the stadium. That’s all part of the deal and it’s a fun week."

Chiefs Identity Crisis | Arrowhead Addict | A Kansas City Chiefs blog
So that brings us back to the question, "Just who are the Chiefs going to be?" This is an interesting question because right now the Chiefs destiny stands on the edge of a blade (I know, nice LOTR reference right?), and they are a couple of key acquisitions away on both sides of the ball from attaining a strong team personality. Will they acquire a high profile receiver and become a true offensive powerhouse, or will they get another pass rusher and crucify opposing quarterbacks? I’m sure a lot of you are asking, "Why not do both?" | Meet DE Christian Ballard
"I lived in Lawrence and went to some Chiefs games as a kid," Ballard said. "I loved the atmosphere there, it was great. It’s a lot like the atmosphere at Iowa where everybody is into the game. When I went to Iowa to take my visit it was an Iowa/Iowa State game and it kind of reminded me of the Chiefs. It was an awesome experience and I loved it, so I decided to go there. In the end, it was really an easy decision."

Morning Brew: Jamaal Charles owes All-Pro pick to Chiefs’ offense |
Having a player recognized by the AP as one of the best in the NFL is an obvious sign that the team is improving. But Charles’ selection is not only about himself; it is also a credit to the improvement of the offensive line, which has transformed from being a much maligned weakness into one of the strongholds of the team. The Chiefs were the NFL’s top rushing team by nearly 10 yards per game this season. As gifted as Charles is individually, without a strong offensive line and a respectable passing game, an elite running back is useless.

Gardner-Webb names Dickerson Jr. as head coach -
At Ole Miss, Dickerson played a key role in the development of current NFL players Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh Steelers), Dexter McCluster (Kansas City Chiefs) and Shay Hodge (Cincinnati Bengals), who all earned All-SEC honors....He played professionally from 1993-96 for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, and the Scottish Claymores of NFL Europe.

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