The Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, By The Numbers, #54

We're onto #54 in our greatest Kansas City Chiefs series and I have a feeling I already know who is going to win. Amidst a plethora of linebackers who have worn #54 for the Chiefs, one offensive lineman stands out. 

And not just because of his play on the field. 

But first, let's review the other nine players who have worn #54 for the Kansas City Chiefs...

LB Walker Lee Ashley (1989)

Ashley was mainly a Minnesota Viking in his NFL career but he did stop by in KC for one season.  He nabbed one interception in 15 starts during the '89 season. 

LB Tim Cofield (1986-88)

Cofield spent three seasons in Kansas City as an outside linebacker, racking up some decent stats in that time. Cofield started 35 of the 43 games he played in for the Chiefs and totaled 8.5 sacks. His rookie year in '86 was especially good - he had 5 sacks that season alone. 

LB Greg Favors (1998)

Favors was a fourth round pick out of Mississippi St. but only lasted one season for the Chiefs. He started four games and had two sacks. 

LB Ted Greene (1960-62)

Ted Greene wasn't a Kansas City Chief - he was a Dallas Texan. Coming out of Tampa, Greene had four sacks and only played three seasons of professional football. You old timers out there, chime in with more on Greene. 

C Mike Hudock (1967)

Hudock was an original AFL member, playing for the New York Titans/Jets and Green Bay Packers. He came to the Chiefs only for four games once KC's center went down with an injury. H

LB Frank Manumaleuga (1979-81)

Manumaleuga was a fourth round pick by the Chiefs in the 1979 draft. He started 17 out of the 35 games he played in as a Chief, catching 6 INTs in the process. He did not play football after his time in KC. 

LB Tracy Simien (1991-97)

Another favorite of my childhood, Tracy Simien played for a few different NFL teams but the bulk of his career was played in Kansas City. Never a Pro Bowler or household name, Simien was a very consistent middle linebacker for the Chiefs in the 1990s. He played in 109 games for the Chiefs, starting 85 of them. 

LB James Walker (1983)

Walker was a linebacker out of Kansas State who only played three games for the Chiefs. He was later arrested in connection with a drug sting

G Brian Waters (2000-10)

Let's face it: Brian Waters is our winner today. An undrafted free agent who became a 5 time Pro Bowler and two-time All Pro selection? 

Just vote Brian Waters and we'll be done. 

LB Clyde Werner (1970-74, '76)

Werner was a second round pick by the Chiefs and ended up being mainly a special teams guy for KC. 

Read more about who AP has voted the greatest Chiefs:

#1 - QB Warren Moon

#2 - P Dustin Colquitt

#3 - K Jan Stenerud

#4 - P Nick Murphy

#5 - P Louie Aguiar

#6 - RB Warren McVea

#7 - QB Ron Jaworski

#8 - K Nick Lowery

#9 - QB Bill Kenney

#10 - QB Trent Green

#11 - QB Elvis Grbac

#12 - QB Rich Gannon

#13 - QB Steve Bono

#14 - RB Ed Podolak

#15 - QB Todd Collins

#16 - QB Len Dawson

#17 - QB Steve Deberg

#18 - CB Emmitt Thomas

#19 - QB Joe Montana

#20 - S Deron Cherry

#21 - S Jerome Woods

#22 - DB Willie Mitchell

#23 - RB Barry Word

#24 - CB Jayice Pearson

#25 - S Greg Wesley

#26 - S Gary Barbaro

#27 - RB Larry Johnson

#28 - RB Abner Haynes

#29 - CB Albert Lewis

#30 - RB Donnell Bennett

#31 - RB Priest Holmes

#32 - RB Marcus Allen

#33 - RB Stone Johnson

#34 - CB Dale Carter

#35 - RB Christian Okoye

#36 - RB Mack Lee Hill

#37 - RB Joe Delaney

#38 - RB Kimble Anders

#39 - RB Bam Morris

#40 - CB James Hasty

#41 - S Reggie Tongue

#42 - S/HB Johnny Robinson

#43 - FB Omar Easy

#44 - P Jerrel Wilson

#45 - RB Robert Holmes

#46 - DB Jim Kearney

#47 - S Jon McGraw

#48 - RB Todd McNair

#49 - FB Tony Richardson

#50 - LB Kawika Mitchell

#51 - LB Jim Lynch

#52 - LB Tracy Rogers

#53 - LB Marvcus Patton

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