75's Mock Offseason/Mock Draft

Well, here we are again fellow Chief fans. Another year and another offseason of trying to put the puzzle pieces together to try and find that winning formula to get to the post season and get that ever-elusive playoff win. When conjuring up the offseason Free Agent acquisitions we will obtain, I felt that it was important to consider exactly how Pioli approaches the Free Agency. There are a few key things to consider and among them are these: 1) How much of an impact will the Free Agent make at his respective position and on the team as a whole?  2) How much is the Free Agent going to cost and is it reasonable or is it too much considering the impact he will make?  3) How much time will the Free Agent need to learn the system or is he already familiar with it and can go ahead and begin working on rapport with his teammates? These are just a few of the considerations when dabbling in the Free Agency. Now I have seen several mock Free Agency/Drafts this offseason and many of them have us getting several players in Free Agency. I have no problem with that. They are interesting to read and it is very exciting to imagine the possibilities with all the big names such as Asomougah floating around. Tons of possibilities are out there but I honestly believe that Pioli wants to build this team through the draft because he is still building the foundation and he will likely not be a heavy player in Free Agency until the foundation is laid and this team is close to being a serious Super Bowl contender. With all this in consideration, I see Pioli getting two Free Agents this year. Yes, you read that right.....TWO. I know that isn't what some people wanted to hear. I know some of us want to be come the second coming of the Redskins and basically begin purchasing everything that moves and breathes in Free Agency. That will not happen under Pioli (thank God). Although some players such as David Harris and a few of the San Diego Linebackers, may get a long look by Pioli, I think either Pioli will pass on them or they may be retained by their current teams. I do not see us getting Franklin (Nose Tackle - San Francisco). Nose Tackles are too valuable of a commodity and most teams will retain the ones they have. So who are the Free Agents I do see us signing? Lets take a look.....

Richard Seymour

What does Richard Seymour bring this club? He is both a monstrous pass rusher and run stuffer. One of those rare kind of players that does it all very well. Also he is extremely familiar and well versed in Crennel's system as that was who his DC was when he won those Super Bowls in New England. That means he will be able to immediately step in and know exactly what he is supposed to do. He would also be able to help mentor Dorsey and Tyson Jackson and he would make our whole D-line as well as our LBs better. Seymour will command double....and sometimes even triple teams which would free other players to make plays.

Steve Breaston

Breaston is not Fitzgerald but he is a very good Wide Receiver and he is an enormous upgrade over anything we have had at the number 2 Wide Receiver position since I don't know when. He is also very familiar with Haley's system and with Haley. I know that many will not want to hear this but I seriously doubt we will see Fitzgerald here unless it is through Free Agency which may not happen since the Cardinals appear to be trying to hammer out a long-term contract with him. The only other option would be for a trade to happen and I seriously doubt that Pioli would mortgage the future and trade multiple picks for a single player, especially when we have so many holes to fill. However, we could manage to pry Arizona's second best Wide Receiver away and I really think that he would thrive in Kansas City's system opposite Bowe. The Chiefs will also continue to develop young guys such as Tucker and Horne while keeping a watchful eye out for even more young talent. The beauty of this Free Agent signing is that it won't take a year or two for Breaston to put it together as it would for a rookie Wideout.





Tamba Hali - There is a huge premium on pass rushers. Hali is an elite pass rusher and is one of the best in the NFL and may very well be THE best in the NFL.


Brandon Flowers - An elite Corner with shutdown ability. These don't grow on trees. Lock him up.


Brandon Carr - Carr is an under-appreciated Corner whom a lot of fans don't realize just how good he is. He is almost as good as Flowers. He has some things that he needs to work on to reach that point but he is a very good # 2 Corner.


Shaun Smith - A solid D-lineman who is a great rotational guy and is versatile, being able to play DE or NT and yes....even FB. More than that, Smith also brings his fiery attitude to the field as well along with a little bit of nastiness.


Other potential re-signings:


Dwayne Bowe - Bowe finally had a breakout year and was an absolute Touchdown machine. It looks as though Bowe may finally realize his potential as an elite top-5 Wide Receiver.






1. Stefen Wisniewski, C/OG,  Penn St,  6'3" 306

2. Jerrell Powe, NT, Ole Miss, 6'2" 330

3. Mario Harvey, ILB, Marshall, 6'0" 244

4. Lee Ziemba, ROT, Auburn, 6'8 320

5a. Kenny Rowe, OLB, Oregon, 6'3" 230

5b. Roy Helu, RB, Nebraska, 6'0" 215

6. Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M, 6'5" 229

7. Brett Greenwood, FS, Iowa, 6'0" 200





Casey Wiegman has been a tremendous Center for this franchise and an Ironman. He is a great athlete and a great role model. However, he is now reaching an advanced age and is nearing the end of a stellar career. It is time to find a young Center that can step in and take over. Wisniewski fits that bill. We are also lacking a true Nose Tackle. We need a huge physical beast in the middle that will swallow up blockers and clog up running lanes. Powe is an impressive specimen who can do just that. At ILB, there are a couple of current Chiefs who are going to challenge the incumbent Belcher. Cory Greenwood and Micah Johnson are a couple of young talented players who have the upside to eventually become starters. They will look to supplant Belcher who will be looking to improve his play as well and keep his starter status. We could even see a pairing of Johnson & Johnson except this won't be the tear-free version. At RT, Barry Richardson having a year of starting experience will likely improve next year but regardless, Pioli and Haley believe in depth and competition and we don't have enough of either at the Tackle position and Ziemba will help change that. At OLB, there has clearly been a sharp decline in Vrabel's abilities and it is time for Vrabel to hang the cleats up. I would love for Vrabel to return to the Chiefs though as an assistant Linebacker coach. I think he could make a good coach and he knows Crennel's system well. Studebaker is the heir apparent and it will be his show once Vrabel departs. Sheffield is still a question mark. Pioli will want more depth at this important position and Rowe, who is a great pass rusher, will help in that. At RB, Jones will likely be back for one more year but his fine career is nearing the end and the Chiefs must find a replacement. Enter Roy Helu who carries a similar build as Jones and is a great RB who would make a good complimentary back to Charles. At QB, it is pretty safe to say that the Croyle experiment has most likely reached the end and the Chiefs will need a back-up QB. Pioli loves to grab late round developmental QBs and this is an area that he excels at. Johnson has the prototypical build of an NFL QB and a good skill-set to match. A little raw and needs some coaching but could develop into a good QB. Finally, at Safety we are in need of depth. Greenwood will help in that area.



Discuss and feel free to share your thoughts.....


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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