Oh, the questions keep circling in my brain right now of who we should take and what should be our #1 priority both in FA and in the upcoming Draft. Will Pioli and Hunt open up the checkbook and look to make some big splashes in FA? No matter what a lot of people can agree that the Chiefs had an outstanding year, but need to make some more improvements.


When I look at the needs that the Chiefs seem to have, I am really perplexed as to what order to put them into. A lot of people think that WR is the most obvious, but I am not to certain. Since 2000, there have been 45 1rst round draft choices. 21 of them have been considered bust by thier first team. There have been a couple that have been resurrected like Mike Williams in Seattle originally from Detroit. Or there has been a couple like Roy E Williams that was a great pick by his first team (also the Lions) and was then traded to become a bust. There were zero #1 WR in 2008. In 2009 and 2010 there have been none that are true bust yet, although Darius Hey-bey makes a case. 2007 had 3 in Ginn Jr, Craig Davis, and Anthony Gonzalez (only ruled a bust because he has been on IR for the last 2 years.) I thought that it was a lot easier to find good WR in the first round, but it seems that there are quite a few of them that are bust. More than any other possition. So, I think it is too risky to draft a WR 1 eventhough I honestly think that Blackmon is going to be special, and if he falls to us I will be secretly wanting to get him. But I think that WR should be our #1 priority in FA.  I think there are some unrealistic ideas of us trading to get Fitz, but I don't see it.


Top FA include:

Vincent Jackson, SD- In my opinion the best WR in the open market. I think he ends up mending differences with SanDiego Ownership, and stays there. If not, I see SD franchising him if he is looking at a AFC team. I also don't think that he is the Pioli type, but then again, I wouldn't have thought Randy Moss was either.


Steve Smith, NYG- This guy has become quite the playmaker in NY, but I think he is also going to stay with his team. Obviously Hakeem Nicks is the man there, but there are plenty of Steve Smith supporters too. If he doesnt hold out for an elite contract, which I don't think he is worth due to injury concerns, he will most likely stay in NY.


Sidney Rice, MINN- This big play reciever is thought to be one of the best out there right now with Vincent Jackson. I agree. I know that he had the Gunslinger throwing him the ball last year, but he had a great year. I can't see that MINN will let him go especially with Percy Harvin battling his migranes.


I'll put Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Terrell Owens in the same boat and say that there is very little to no chance they come here. Braylon and Santonio I think will stay in NY, Terrell, well, nobody needs that guy in thier locker room. And he would destroy Matt Cassel with putting blame on him. And I just don't see Randy.

So, guys I like are:

Steve Breaston, ARI- This guy could be the big time #2 in my opinion.

Lance Moore, NO- He is a good possesion reciever and a speedster.

TJ Houshmandzadeh, BAL- A good possesion reciever, and could be an immediate improvement.

Mark Clayton, STL- Was thier leading WR before going on IR this year. Again, improvement.

Danny Amendola, STL- Wes Welker type. I am not as high on him because I still want to see Dex take that role. Plus I don't see Amendola Leaving.

Thats my number 1 priority. Hope that helps.


My number 2 Priority is NT

I think that we have to find an immediate upgrade in NT. I would love for that to come from the draft this year as I think that most people want to see us land the #1 NT in free agency. Well, I am sad to say, I think most of those players will be placed back with thier teams.


Haloti Ngata, BAL, Aubrayo Franklin, SF, Brandon Mebane, SEA, Pat Williams, MINN all go back to thier respective teams in my opinion. Pat Williams being the only person that may not. He is old and may retire or MINN may not renew his contract because of age. But I think he will get a 1 year deal that will ultimately be his last. There is no way that Ngata leaves Baltimore. They will definately pay the man.Franklin fits perfectly into the Harbaugh defense, so I see him getting paid as well. Mebane is the one I know the least about, so I would put him as a question mark.

What I would do is get one of these guys:

Anthony Adams, CHI

Paul Soliai, MIA

Gerrard Warren, NE

AND draft the best available in the draft when we pick with the 21 pick. People want us to get a SOLB, but I honestly think that the best choice is to get the NT. If we get a guy that is able to block 2 and 3 people consistantly and also get into the backfield our LB will have much better seasons. More than likely so will both Dorsey ( who I think had a great year this year) and Jackson. I see us paying Vrable for one more season, but not having him play as much as Studebaker. I think that if we are able to tie up all 5 of thier linemen because we have Dorsey taking 2 blockers the NT taking 2 blockers and Jackson taking 1 to 2 blockers we will see both Hali and Stude make some great plays. This will get the oposing teams offense off the field, something that we have had a hard time doing. Also if we are getting better pressure then we will get more interceptions from tipped passes and from passes that are thrown while being hit.


Center is the third think I think we need. We have to get bigger on the line. We get man handled by bid Defensive lines. Weigmann was a huge upgrade this year, but we need to find his replacement.


SOLB I think we have already addressed with the NT possition. With incumbent Studebaker and hopfully Sheffield with Vrable back as more of a teaching role, I think we are ok at this possition.


What do you think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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