Five Free-Agency Moves the Chiefs Must Make

The 2010 Kansas City Chiefs' season is at it's in after a lackluster performance Sunday against a veteran Baltimore Ravens team led by Ray Lewis. I am satisfied with the loss just because the Chiefs made it to the playoffs the Chiefs had the same amount of wins this year then they did the last 3 years combined with 10. 2011 NFL Free-Agency is just around the corner and their are some big names available like: Peyton Manning, Nnamdi Asomugha, Michael Vick, Stephen Tulloch, Haloti Ngata, Tamba Hali, and much more. The Chiefs got to take advantage of the 2011 offseason one more good offseason with the draft and free-agency for the Chiefs could take them as far as the Super Bowl.


Sign Tamba Hali to a Multi Year Deal

Signing Tamba Hali should be the Chiefs' number one priority as of right now. Hali has become a staple at getting to the quarterback in the NFL with 14.5 sacks in the 2010 season as well as 2.0 against Baltimore in the playoffs. Hali is the face of the Chiefs' defense and he might be the Chiefs' best player on the team. Hali must be signed to a big deal I am talking a 5 to 6 year extension. 


Get Rid of Brodie Croyle and Sign a Veteran Backup Quarterback

Brodie Croyle gets my award for the worst Chief of the year, whenever he was put in he'd crap his pants. Week 14 against the San Diego Chargers was when Croyle got his first start of the season for Matt Cassel and he gave the game to San Diego. There are some good back up quarterbacks available this offseason including: Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Leinart, Seneca Wallace, and Alex Smith to name a few. 


Sign a Defensive Lineman Out of Free-Agency

The Chiefs defense in 2010 was outstanding compared to 2009 and there was one thing missing both years, and thats a dominant nose tackle. Ron Edwards was the nose tackle this season, but he is old and never really showed any dominance. There are some good if not great nose tackles available this season including Baltimore's Haloti Ngata who is arguably the best defensive linemen in the NFL. Others include: Richard Seymour, Brandon Mebane, and Aubrayo Franklin


Sign Stephen Tulloch Out of Free-Agency

The Chiefs have been struggling to find who fits right next to Derrick Johnson and Stephen Tulloch could ultimately be that guy. Tulloch had a heck of a 2010 campaign finishing second in the NFL with 159 total tackles. Tulloch also had some nice things to say about after the Titans' loss to the Chiefs week 16. This could be a Pioli guy and might fit the mold of the "Right 53."


Bring Back Casey Wiegmann One More Year

Casey Wiegmann helped make the Chiefs' offensive line elite again in 2010. Wiegmann started every single game at the age of 37 and showed really no signs of slowing down. The Chiefs could draft a center this draft and Wiegmann and the rookie could compete for the job. Wiegmann could also teach some things to whoever that center is. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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